NPR picks up inspiring story

Rather surprisingly, NPR picked up and did a nice job with the story of Bill Krissoff, the 60 year old man who enlisted in the Navy’s medical corp to honor his son, First Lt. Nathan Krissoff of Reno, Nev., who was killed in Iraq last year.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad that NPR picked up this story. I’ve known about it for several weeks. NPR has been reluctant to report military success in Iraq. But they are eager to report US deaths in Iraq. That may be why they repeated this story. I do listen and contribute to my local NPR outlet, and I’ve told them they need to enhance the accuracy of their reports by reporting the truth.
    They will have to, because donations a down. I wounder why.

  2. The story of Bill Krissoff was a very inspiring one. I believe that i have a personal connection with him. I had a camper from Grand Rapids, Mi. at Camp Tanuga in about 1960 whose name was Bill Krissoff who was a terrific swimmer. I was a counselor that summer at Camp Tanuga and eventually in 1965 bought into the camp with Bernie Friedman. If it is the same person, as I do believe, please have him contact me via my email and hopefully when he moves to San Diego we can reconnect again. My sympathies to him on the loss of his son.
    Marshall Cohen

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