Moral clarity, moral clarity, moral clarity

I’m sorry that I don’t have much time to blog today, but I’m bouncing from professional deadline to parenting deadline and back again without respite today. However, I did manage to catch up on my iPod’s backlog of Dennis Prager shows. Since the show was from last week, Dennis commented briefly on the death of Sean Taylor, the Washington Redskin’s player who was shot during a burglary.

Aside from commenting on the tragedy that his death represented, Dennis went on to point out that all of the suspects had rap sheets, with crimes ranging from driving with a suspended license to trafficking in hard drugs. It was in this context that Dennis said the Left’s obsessive compassion for the criminal is mirrored by a lack of compassion for the innocent.

Please understand that, at least as I heard it, Dennis wasn’t writing off people who have taken a wrong turn and can be saved. He was, however, saying that there are bad people out there, and when the Left tries to blame the system (political, racist, economic, whatever), and give these people a free pass, it’s the innocent who suffer. A perfect example, of course, is Jack Abbott, the killer who became a liberal cause célèbre, who was released because of this celebrity, and who promptly killed again.

UPDATE:  What do you bet that the two guys arrested for this horrific accident both have rap sheets?


4 Responses

  1. The left exists so that no one will ever have to be accountable for messing up. Unless they smoke or drive an SUV – after all, there ARE limits to our compassion!

  2. It never seems to occur to the members of the left who make these assertions that there is another way. Yes, there are people who have made a wrong turn but can be saved.

    But you don’t do it by making excuses for them and blaming the system. Don’t tell them it’s not their fault. Don’t blame racism, etc.

    Do just the opposite. Encourage them to take responsibility. Show them that they must pay a price for their misdeeeds and show them that there is a better way. This used to be common sense.

  3. That’s absolutely right, Tap. We don’t give up on people by having high expectations for them — by demanding the most of their humanity. We give up on people when we have low expectations, and we excuse behavior that would shame the animal kingdom.

  4. […] immorality of being soft on crime Posted on December 12, 2007 by Bookworm I blogged the other day about Dennis Prager’s strongly expressed opinion that those who have runaway compassion for […]

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