Most recent Watcher’s Winners

These Watcher’s Winners aren’t so recent anymore, since the results came out last Friday, but my last days after been so overwhelming, I figure I’m still ahead of my own curve getting the information up here by Wednesday.  First, the Winners, then any comments I might have.

On the Council side:

Votes Council link
2  2/3 Energy Independence — What It Am And What It Ain’t
1  1/3 About Those “Lies”
The Colossus of Rhodey
1  1/3 The Media, Richard Scaife, and the Never Ending Soros Connection
Bookworm Room
1  1/3 How to Lie About Lying
Big Lizards
1 Complicit
Soccer Dad
1 Orwell’s Britain Is Halal Toast
Wolf Howling
2/3 A Shot in the Dark
Done With Mirrors
2/3 Quote of the Day: Prez Bill Edition
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1/3 State of the Union, 2008
The Glittering Eye

And on the non-Council side:

Votes Non-council link
2  1/3 The Conclusion We Dare Not Face
Dr. Sanity
1  1/3 A Moral Core for U.S. Foreign Policy
Hoover Institution
1  1/3 Be a Victim! Or Else!
Classical Values
1  1/3 The Muslims of Europe Charter
Gates of Vienna
1 On Term Limits and Government Power
Somewhere On A1A…
1 John McCain’s Open-Borders Outreach Director: The Next DHS Secretary?; Update: A “Non-Paid Volunteer”
Michelle Malkin
1 Treaties and Executive Agreements
Outside the Beltway
1 The Audacity of Questioning Obama’s Commitment to Israel
American Thinker
1 Capitalism Doesn’t Work, Mr. Gates?
Rasmussen Reports
2/3 A List of Regional Pizza Styles

Thinking about it, my comments are more general than specific.  As happened last week, the council members seemed to be dividing their votes all over the place, with some strong winners, but mostly with a lot of divided opinions — which pretty accurately reflects the Republican primaries.  Our choices aren’t binary (black versus female), they are myriad, and our passions take us in different directions.  As it is, I did vote for both of the 1st place winners, so my ideas on those subjects are certainly consistent with the majority of my fellow Council members.  It was a tough vote for me, though, especially on the Council side, because I thought it was an exceptionally strong batch of articles from each and every contributor.  That being the case, I’m very flattered that my own nomination, about George Soros, tied for second place, along with posts from Big Lizards and the Colossus of Rhodey.

As always, if you’re casting around for something to read — something to inform, entertain or enlighten — you could do much worse than check out the posts at the Watcher of Weasels.

Weasel Whacked

I freely admit it wasn’t one of my best posts, so I can’t say I’m surprised to have squeaked in with only one vote.  Oh! You want to know what I’m talking about? Last week’s Weasel results, of course. But enough about my rather dismal showing. Let’s talk about the winners:

On the Council side, first place went to Done With Mirrors for Liberal Fascism. In it, Callimachus basically said that he doesn’t like Jonah Goldberg’s book, and then he goes on to rip-roaring discussion about fascism. Since you all know that I really loved Goldberg’s book, I didn’t vote for that post, even though I have to admit that it’s a really good one. Such is the problem of voting with emotions, not intellect (liberals, take heed). There was a seven way tie for second place, with the Watcher breaking the tie and awarding official second place rank to Right Wing Nut House for Grim Choices Confront GOP — a premise and a post with which I entirely agree.

Just so you can see how wildly weird the voting was (and so I feel better about my tie for last place), here’s the ranking (primary voters take heed):

Votes Council link
2 2/3 Liberal Fascism
Done With Mirrors
1 Grim Choices Confront GOP
Right Wing Nut House
1 ‘I Have A Dream’ — The Democrat’s Version
1 Hillanomix 101
Wolf Howling
1 The Radicalization of American Politics
The Glittering Eye
1 Di Caprio Lies and Hustles Bucks
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1 Our Out of Control Borders: Who’s Accountable?
The Education Wonks
1 What Is “Freedom”?
The Colossus of Rhodey
1/3 Rose Colored Rudy
Soccer Dad
1/3 The Problem With Obama’s Race
Bookworm Room

Actually, when it comes to divided voting, things really weren’t much better over at the non-Council side — that is, if you don’t count the overwhelming win IowaHawk received for the masterful ByLines of Brutality (a post that I submitted and for which I voted):

4 Bylines of Brutality
1 2/3 It’s All Israel’s Fault
Gates of Vienna
1 2/3 About the Anarcholibertarians
The QandO Blog
1 1/3 Doctors and Death and Doctors Death
The IgNoble Experiment
1 The Navy’s Failing China Policy
Pajamas Media
1/3 Let’s End the Cold War and Get Rid of Marxist BS Once and for All
Dr. Sanity
1/3 Pondering the Google Slap
1/3 A Relatively Scientific Experiment
Power Line
1/3 Media Lens Tries History, Yet Again
Oliver Kamm

It will be interesting to see what happens this week — if we’ll be able to coalesce around a single leader, or if we’ll again be incapable of coming together.

They’ve liked me, they’ve really liked me!

Where does the time go? I’ve meant since Friday to post about the winner’s of last week’s Watcher’s vote, and here it is Sunday afternoon and I’m only just getting around to it. Say what you will, but you can’t describe me as someone who’s on the ball.

Here are the winners, none of whom include me (showing good sense on the part of Council members, since my submission wasn’t once of my better posts).

One the Council side, win, place and show are:

Votes Council link
4  2/3 Ed. Schools: They’re Awful (for the most part)
The Colossus of Rhodey
1  1/3 The Race Card, Liberal Guilt and Our Next President
Wolf Howling
1 500,000 Iraqis Did Not Die
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1 Paul of Mises; or How the New Republic Bewitches the Right
Big Lizards

Incidentally, my votes precisely tracked the two top winners.  Since you are familiar with my frequent fulminations about public school education, you can appreciate how much I enjoyed the Colossus of Rhodey’s lengthy post about the meaninglessness of education schools (especially since it paralleled nicely a point I made here).  As for Wolf Howling, the title of the post tells you everything you need to know — and not only do I agree with the content, I love the way it’s written.

On the non-Council side, win and place are:

Votes Non-council link
5  1/3 Kangaroo Court
Ezra Levant
1 Ashamed to be Canadian!
Covenant Zone
1 Barack Obama — I’m Sure We’ve Seen Him Somewhere Before
Guardian Unlimited
1 The Media Does It Again
Winds of Change

Again, I voted for the winner, in which Ezra Levant writes about his Kafka-esque experiences before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.   Actually, “Ashamed to be Canadian” is about precisely the same thing.  If I remember correctly, I also voted for the Guardian’s rumination about Obama, which nicely tracks on my own sense that Obama is a rather boring, stuffed shirt.  That’s a sentiment I can support.

At this point I bet you’re wondering about my post title, since I clearly didn’t win this week.  However, my fellow Council members have been kind enough to look with favor on several of my posts, so much so that, for 2007, I managed to place an overall second in points on the Council side:

With a new year upon us, it’s time to look back at the Watcher’s Council weekly voting results for all of 2007.  And, just as I did the last time around, I’ve decided to keep a running tally of votes for each blog that won (or tied for first place) on any given week…  I could have kept track of all the vote-getters instead of just adding up the winners, but such a list would have been enormous and taken forever to compile.  Anyway, the leading winner in the council category was Big Lizards, and the leading non-council winner was Michael Yon.  Huzzah and kudos!  Here is the list of all the weekly winners for 2007:

Votes Council link
29 Big Lizards
25 + 1/3 Bookworm Room
22 Right Wing Nut House
17 + 2/3 Joshuapundit
13 Done With Mirrors
7 + 1/3 The Colossus of Rhodey
6 + 2/3 Eternity Road
6 Soccer Dad
6 Cheat Seeking Missiles
4 + 2/3 American Future
4 + 1/3 Wolf Howling
2 Rhymes With Right
1 + 2/3 ‘Okie’ on the Lam

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Michael Yon won hands down on the non-Council side.

So, while this definitely wasn’t my week, I still feel amply rewarded for the very real pleasure of being able to contribute to and participate in the Watcher’s Council.

Winners at the Watcher’s Council *UPDATED*

Time flew, and I forgot to post the winner’s in the last vote over at the Watcher of Weasels. Let me start, for once, on the non-Council side, where the winning piece got the highest vote I’ve ever seen in my time on the Watcher’s council — and deservedly so. Andy Olmsted’s last post, which was placed on his own blog and at Obsidian Wings, was the hands-down, overwhelming winner. If you haven’t already read it, you have to. It’s funny, sad, inspiring, honest and deeply, deeply tragic, since the man who wrote it is gone forever. Second place, and it’s inevitably a distant second because of the pile-up of votes for Olmsted’s post, was Dr. Sanity’s Orchestrated Circuses and Clowns, which talks about the fact that the media circus in New Hampshire and Iowa obscures the fact that Americans are being called upon to chose a leader, with a leader’s temperament.

And now, back to the Council itself. Here, too, there was something of a blowout, with Wolf Howling garnering 5 points for a post on Britain’s Prosecution of the Blogger Lionheart for Criticism of Islam. Aside from being a good post, it’s also revealed that free speech often sees those of us who believe in moderate rationalism sharing the same platform as some pretty yucky people — including Lionheart. It turns out that Lionheart is a fairly hardcore member of Britain’s BNP, which is its ultra Right Wing party, somewhat akin to the KKK. Lionheart therefore speaks disparagingly, not only of Islam, but of everything that isn’t true blue white. Unsurprisingly, therefore, Lionheart ended up in a kerfuffle with Little Green Footballs, which completely denounces the British crackdown on free speech, but also takes issue with the White Supremacist material Lionheart espouses. All very confusing, but the critical point, and the one Wolf Howling appropriately emphasizes, is the totalitarian aspect of the British government’s attack on free speech.

The second place Council post was Soccer Dad’s marvelous Get a Clue, which guides the reader, step-by-step, through AP, AFP and Reuters coverage of the Palestinian people, just so you can see the level of dishonesty permeating this repeating, as well as the emotionalism that is meant to take the place of truth. (And for more on that, see the post immediately preceding this one.)

UPDATE:  I think Wolf Howling’s update, left in my comments section, is so informative, I’m moving a copy of it up here, into the post:

The relationship between Lionheart and the BNP is, I think, a bit more nuanced than you have stated.  In truth, I did not know Lionheart had any relationship with the BNP.  LGF readers subsuquently found a post by Lionheart wherein he discussed why he was going to vote for the BNP.  That vote was wholly predicated on the BNP’s opposition to radical Islam in the UK.  To be fair to Lionheart, he has not, to my knowledge, ever embraced the BNP’s racism.  Indeed, to the contrary, he maintains relationships with people of all nationalities and, indeed, his support of Israel has been noteworthy.  That comes out in the comments to the LGF post that you noted.

Unfortunately, the BNP is the only major political party in Britain to take a stand against radical Islam.  The Telegraph had an editorial the other day decrying how all three major political parties are courting the Muslim vote and refusing to address any of the ills brought on by multiculturalism and the growth of radicalism in the mosques.  While, from the safety of my chair in the U.S., I would never support them, I can understand Lionheart doing so from ground zero for radicalism in the UK.

At any rate, since I wrote the post about Lionheart, he went off the deep end.   I do support his right of free speech, but he is obviously lacking judgment.

Watcher results are in

The Weasel Watchers have cast their votes and the results, as always, are good. On the Council side, first place went to Soccer Dad for The Freddys Seven, which looks at Al Sharpton’s utterly reprehensible career, and castigates the Democratic candidates for genuflecting to him. The post exposes one of seamier side of American politics, but it also saddened me because it showed that Keith Richburg, an African American writer for the WaPo is willing to allow race to dictate how he writes about Sharpton. Keith Richburg emerged on my radar more than a decade ago when I read Out of America : A Black Man Confronts Africa, his really clear-eyed books about Africa’s myriad failures. The book was especially notable because Richburg hammered America’s black leaders for blindly pandering to the worst of Africa’s dictators because of some benighted idea of solidarity with Africa — as if there is anything honorable in American blacks aligning themselves with people who keep their people mired in abysmal poverty.

Second place went to — me! Yup, my fellow council members were kind enough to give their second place votes to American Derangement Syndrome — or, yes, you can call them unpatriotic, the post in which I looked at Andrei Markovits’ Uncouth Nation : Why Europe Dislikes America, and what it says about the American Left.

On the non-Council side, first place went to Treppenwitz’s Exploding Myths, which examined and destroyed four of the major myths that circulate through the political ether, and that cast Israel as the Nazi of the modern world, and the Palestinians as the beleaguered victims of Israel’s vile machinations.  Second place went to Patterico’s Pontifications for Patterico’s Los Angeles Dog Trainer Year in Review 2007, which examined multiple media moments of bias and misrepresentation.

One other thing:  I noted the other day that milblogger Andrew Olmsted died in action.  What I didn’t realize was that he was a former member of the Watcher’s Council.  The Watcher has a nice tribute to him, including a thoughtful comment about the courage it took for Olmsted to confront his own mortality and write his beautiful final post.

Weasel results

I’ve been so removed from all things blogging that I never got around to posting the Weasel results over at the Watcher’s Council. From my point of view, they’re very satisfying indeed, since my fellow Weasel watchers were kind enough to give me the winning vote.

On the Council side, win, place and show went to:

2  2/3 Judeo-Christian Doctrine and Moral Freedom
Bookworm Room
1  2/3 Ron Paul
Done With Mirrors
1  2/3 First Let the Lawyers Kill Us All
Soccer Dad
1  1/3 Lame Duck Crushes Christmas Turkeys
Big Lizards

On the non-Council side, win, place and show went to:

4 Fear
Silver Bullets
2 Laughter and Tears
Eternity Road
1 Must Police Be Representative? Whom Do They Represent?

As you can see, the really big winner was “Fear”, which actor Ron Silver wrote at his blog Silver Bullets.  It’s certainly worth reading, because it talks about the way in which those who do not believe that Islamic terrorists seek to hurt us dismiss our fears.  Silver lucidly points out that the Rooseveltian formulation that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” works best when people aren’t lined up to kill you.

Watcher’s results

Time is running away from me so quickly.  I think it’s the time of year.  With work projects, school deadlines, and holiday planning, I can’t seem to keep up with things but, instead, keep finding myself staggering along, always a little behind.  Which is why I’m only getting around today to posting the Watcher’s results.  As always, they represent such interesting reading, I always feel as I’m getting to pass along a special intellectual bouquet to you.

On the Council side, win, place and show were as follows:

3 “The Courage to Do Nothing”
Big Lizards
2  1/3 Separation of Church and State, Secularist Style
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1  2/3 More on the Teacher Accused of Insulting Religion in His Class
Bookworm Room

On the non-Council side, win, place and show went to:

3 A Stand-up President
The Ornery American
2 A Muslim American
National Review Online
1  1/3 Mearsheimer, Walt, and “Cold Feet”
1  1/3 Only a Few Months and Hours Together But Memories for a Lifetime.