Your help would be appreciated….

As you all know, I’m going to blog come Hell or high water . . . but it would still be very nice to earn some money for all the effort I expend.   I’ve now had a small money-making opportunity come my way.

A friend of mine works for an internet travel site.  (It’s called UpTake, and you should check it out, since it has a pretty cool interface if you’re looking for lodging, food and activities.) Her company is always looking for ways to enhance its web presence, and one of the ideas my friend came up with was starting a Facebook page dedicated to “conservative travel.”

The Facebook posts (both short and long) would be about travel destinations that might interest people who identify themselves as conservatives. This means people who prefer Independence Hall to Woodstock, and Bastogne (where the Battle of the Bulge was fought) to Stonewall (where the battle for gay rights began).  There’s nothing wrong with Woodstock or Stonewall; they’re just probably not Top 10 travel destinations for Conservatives, Libertarians, and Tea Partiers.  In addition, my friend would periodically post relevant links leading to her own company’s website.

My job, for which I’ll get paid a slightly more than nominal amount, is to provide content.  That means three short facebook posts a day, plus one longer “note” per week.  Your help would be appreciated in two ways:

First, if you have a Facebook account, please go here and click the “like” button.

Second, if you have any travel ideas that you think would work, send them to me.  This doesn’t just mean travel to American historic sites, although I’d love those too.  I’m also interested in restaurants, activities, national parks, theme parks, and places abroad (such as Bastogne) that have peculiar resonance for Americans.  Also, if you feel so inclined, you can tell me why you think the destination would be appropriate for people who take seriously the words to “America the Beautiful.”