The twin babies translated

It’s all about politics:

“The guy is the New York Times”

Thanks, Charles Martel:

How to write a Thomas Friedman column

This instruction sheet on the “how-to” of a Thomas Friedman column is from 2004, but it’s as fresh, funny and accurate today as it was on the day it was published.

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Someone knows me all too well

The only difference for me is that my house has a rather sprawling floor plan, so I get more exercise as I go through my day:

The most emailed New York Times article ever

A lot of people have pointed out that, if you check out the New York Times’ “most emailed articles” linked, and compare it to, say, the Wall Street Journal’s “most emailed articles” link, there’s a certain lack of seriousness in the former.  The Awl has noticed.

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Some say Iowahawk is a genius

Some saw Iowahawk is a comedic genius.  Some (myself included) would agree:

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Japanese innovation at its best

I want one of these installed on any toilet my son uses. Maybe it will improve his aim.

Sega have [sic] launched a new bathroom video game console – that is controlled by the player’s urine.

Sensors on the novel device – named the ‘Toylet’ – measure the speed and intensity of the male player’s water flow at the urinal.


A pressure sensor in the urinal measure the strength and the location of the urine stream as it hits the basin.

An LCD screen displays the graphics and rewards the strength, length and accuracy of the pee through a points system.


In ‘The North Wind and Her’ the player lifts up a woman’s skirt with high-pressure blasts in their role as the wind.