My new heart throb

Okay, I admit it. I’ve for years thought of Fabio as a joke. The bulging muscles, the overly squared jaw, the flowing locks — to me he looked like a caricature of a man, rather than a man. I’m now doing mea culpas for having been guilty of that kind of look-ism. It turns out that Fabio isn’t just another rather bizarrely pretty face, he’s a thinker — and, despite an unnecessary number of obscenities, he’s thinking the kind of thoughts I like:

“The Israeli people have been the sacrificial lamb of history,” Fabio declares. It’s mid-August, and the bombs are dropping in Lebanon as we stand in the kitchen of his sprawling Spanish-style mansion in Los Angeles (his publicist asked that we keep the neighborhood a secret to deter stalkers). The so-called Harlequin heartthrob, a diehard news junkie, has had a lot on his mind lately, particularly when it comes to Middle East policy and the Iraq war.

“It’s about f*****g time,” he says, as Fox News reports on Israel’s attempt to push Hezbollah out of Southern Lebanon. “[The Jews] have been getting killed for 5,000 years. Enough is enough. The rest of the world does not give a shit, except America, because the Israelis have no oil. Everyone sticks with those Arabs—because they have the oil.”

Oil is a big issue for Fabio. Despite being an avid dirt-bike aficionado, he’d like to see America wean itself off fossil fuels. “We should f*****g get alternative energy and tell all the Arabs and the rest of the world to stick it up their a**,” he says. “F**k them and the oil!”

Bless his heart, he’s not just my kind of guy when it comes to foreign politics and the right reason, as opposed to the loony reason, to go green, he also genuinely likes his adopted country.  That is, he doesn’t come here, benefit from American freedoms, and still go around badmouthing the place:

Fabio has a deep respect for the United States, which he credits with helping him achieve his incredible success. He has traveled the world, and says he has no doubt that America is by far the best country out there.

Fabio isn’t a mere Republican sycophant, though.  He is clear that he’s not a Republican, and he thinks that going into Iraq was a big mistake.  However, with the logic of someone who was in the military, he’s totally clear on the fact that, if you’re going to wage war, you wage war, you don’t just mess around with delicacy:

He’s also critical of how the war has been waged. “We went in too fast,” he says. “To me, shock and awe should not be a light touch. Where’s the shock, you know?” The model, who served the once-mandatory 18 months in the Italian military after high school, nods a lot when he speaks. He’s so damn friendly, even when calling for mass carnage, that I find myself nodding along with him.

“Bomb them for a few years,” he suggests, “And when they start coming out with the white flag … bomb them a little bit more. Then you go in with our soldiers.”

Clearly, Fabio will not be the type of model who goes off and cavorts with loathsome dictators.  I feel like running out and buying a romance novel with him on the cover just to make a statement and to apologize for underestimating his capacity for rational thinking solely because of his looks.

Hat tip: Hot Air

9 Responses

  1. You’re too funny Book.

  2. Fabio has a better understanding of the situation in Israel than Noam Chomsky.

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  4. I kinda felt the same way when I discovered that Bo Derek was a Reagan Republican. Beauty, fame and brains CAN go together.

  5. Fabio also writes romance novels. I am now going to buy some just to put more $$ in his pockets. I am so glad you found this! It’s so nice to find out there are some brains in hollywood. I wonder if he has a fan site we can send letters to. I’m sure he does. I’m off to find it!

  6. the article also quotes him endorsing Hillary. Yech.

  7. He likes Hillary because she’s smart and he thinks she’d kick butt if offended (presumably by terrorists or something) because you don’t want to piss off a woman.

    AND because he owes his success to women. 😉

    I don’t care for Hillary but I’ve often said that, evil she may be, but she’s not *dumb*. There’s comfort of a sort in self-interest that is absent from, oh, someone like Bush who is motivated by higher ideals. That I think Bush is right doesn’t mean I don’t see the danger of true selflessness and vision (or whatever). Self-interest puts limits on behavior. Not the same limits as other outlooks but limits none the less.

    And Fabio is not the only one who views her as a hawk. I don’t want to see her in control of the military (I served under Bill) but I don’t think she’s dovish at all.

    It is very *very* fun to read the article about Fabio. He just lets it all hang out there, you know?

    And Book, I always found Fabio somewhat repulsive in the sort of sleezy, well-used and probably not sanitary way of a man sl*t. Which is probably unfair because who knows? But his image was such and not appealing to me.

    But that one commercial he was in on television… he’s pushing a gondola with a beautiful woman, it says something about Fabio perfume and romance, and then it cuts back to him and he’s OLD and he goes “rwoaow”. And it’s really about retirement planning. It was too funny and I figure someone with a sense of humor like that about himself was excused all the beefcake shtick.

    I don’t know that I’d go as far as “heartthrob” but, yeah, I like Fabio.

  8. Wow! I had no idea that Hezbollah had been killing the Jews for 5,000 years. Great insight Fabio!!

  9. Hillary isn’t evil. You sound like the moonbats on the left when speaking of Bush.

    With regards to Fabio, I too had regarded him as a male bimbo, but after reading this I have a newfound respect for the man.

    BTW, there is nothing loony about going green, although weeing ourselves off arab oil for national security reasons and to tell the arabs to go fuck themselves is an even better reason.

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