Looking to be outraged

I’ve been thinking lately about self-perpetuation. Although I can’t remember the source of their outrage, Mr. Bookworm told me that Greenpeace is outraged by something. Hearing that, the thought popped into my mind that, well, if they’re not outraged about something, they may as well disband.

I read somewhere, and I can’t remember where, that some bureaucracy is loudly and expensively sticking its nose into something irrelevant to its original mission and, again, I suddenly realized that, if the bureaucracy doesn’t make work for itself, it may be stricken from the federal budget.

I’m having this thought more and more often as I read of outrage and interference: it’s artificially manufactured to justify the existence of an institution or ideology that is no longer (or feels as if it is no longer) relevant.

And with that intro, let me introduce you to the latest outrage of the day:

MADONNA has horrified animal activists after dyeing her sheep blue, pink, yellow and green for a Vogue spread at their English country estate, in Wiltshire.

Madonna, 49, and husband Guy Ritchie, 39, insisted the dye used was temporary and did not harm the animals but an online report on music-news.com has said that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) stated that even though the dye may be safe for the animals those who copy this stunt might not be so careful.

An RSPCA spokesperson said: “Why is it necessary and what are they trying to prove? It is an irresponsible publicity stunt. It sends out the wrong message about how to use animals.”

I’m so not a fan of Madonna, but to me, this is just a group “being outraged” for no purpose but to claim relevancy where none exists. There’s no allegation that the sheep were hurt in any way, including being emotionally humiliated (if such is possible for sheep).

As a reader, I can only ask in bewilderment what “wrong message about how to use animals” is being sent out? These are sheep, for goodness sake. There are millions of them in England and they stand around like white fluffy things eating grass. That’s what they do. And then they are shorn, and the white fluffy stuff is dyed and sold to people. Sometimes they are also slaughtered and eaten with mint sauce. I doubt that they care about Technicolor spray paint.


10 Responses

  1. No reason to pay attention to those “thoughts” you’re having, Bookworm. Upping your lithium should take care of them.

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  3. For the Greenpeace outrage, I read a story recently about the boat in Antarctica that sank – http://blogs.dailymail.com/donsurber/2007/11/26/gore-effect-sinks-ships/

    That might not be it, ’cause Greenpeace is perpetually outraged, but it flitted across my mind.

    And I know you’ve written about NOW in the same context many times before, so I won’t bother to repeat 🙂

  4. Probably not even paint, probably vegetable dye that’ll disappear next rain.

    The sheep can feel lucky they weren’t born as white tigers, or black leopards, or white deer – what a lifetime of humiliation!

    The organizing principle of any organization (or government) is self-perpetuation. Though polio is gone, the March of Dimes endures; and its officers continue to be paid.

    You bet: if the problem that brought you into being is solved, you find another problem. Otherwise you’d have to get an honest job.

  5. Green sheep makes me think of lamb and mint jelly. Yum.

  6. I’ve been thinking lately about self-perpetuation.

    Hate perpetuates itself because the host is too weak to eject it.

  7. Book, did you know that John Ringo and David Weber wrote Greenpeace into their series as a Special Forces detachment from the Church of Ryback? (a fanatical and fundamentalist religion about conserving the environment, which allows the rich and powerful to live like hogs of course)

    Instead of De Oppresso Liber, which is the US’s SF motto, Greenpeace can have the motto “to liberate the earth from humanity”.

  8. They’re beautiful! I’d like to institute a Color The Sheep Day annually.

  9. Greg, has your physician prescribed any anti-psychotic or lesser strength anti-dweeb drugs for you? You are desperately in need of treatment.

  10. ha ha ha ha What THE WIT you be, Z-Ray!

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