The face of the enemy shows even when he tries to hide it

Are there words to describe men who strap bombs onto mentally disabled women and then send them into a marketplace, only to blow up the women and kill and injure hundreds of surrounding civilians, using remote control devices that keep the bombers themselves safe?  I think there is a word:  Evil.  This is pure, undiluted, undisguised evil.

10 Responses

  1. According to the British Government the correct term is “Anti-Islamic Acts”.

    “Evil” is such a loaded word.

  2. There’s a phrase. It’s called “enemies of humanity”, Book.

    I think there is a word: Evil. This is pure, undiluted, undisguised evil.

    personally, I think it is pretty clever. It is their answer to our UAVs and smart bombs.

    The ironic portion is that the smarter we get, the fewer we will. The dumber they get, the more they kill. I wonder with that kind of casualty ratio, who will win in the end.

  3. The bombs killed at least 98 people and wounded more than 200 at two popular pet markets on the holiest day of the week for Muslims, authorities said.

    The terrorists probably think that is a really funny operation, using dumb women to offset American smart bombs. Almost as funny as it would be when I see them crucified on the cross.

    “It certainly underscores and affirms the decision of the Iraqi people that there is no political program here that is acceptable to a civilized society, and that this is the most brutal and the most bankrupt of movements that would do this kind of thing,” she said at a press briefing. “And I think that will underscore for the Iraqis, and it will make them tougher in the fight.”

    Did similar actions by the VietCong make the South Vietnamese tougher in the fight? Given that the US cut the legs off the S Vietnamese, does it really matter?

    The only thing that matters in war is who wins and who loses. It doesn’t matter who uses bombs to kill women and children. It doesn’t matter who refuses to bomb women and children. War doesn’t give a damn about ethics, it only cares about results.

    In a way, war can be seen as God’s answer to human frivolity and ideology. It is a nice balance against human tendencies to make up pie in the sky beliefs for our own self-aggrandization.

  4. Headline of the day:

    “Brave” al Qaeda “warriors” use mentally retarded Muslim women to fight their battles for them: Virgins waiting in heaven are not impressed

    Yeah, that was a dream.

  5. What is their heavenly reward? Do they get male virgins?

    (BTW, the Palestinians have been doing this for years with young retarded men).

  6. You’re right, BW. It is evil. The Devil finding new ways to bring souls to Hell. He, and his minions, just can not see what is really happening.

  7. How can we possibly come to understand savages such as those we battle? And yet, we continue to hear cries for diplomacy. How can you speak with anyone who uses the innocent in this manner?

  8. How can we possibly come to understand savages such as those we battle?

    It is not hard to understand them or their actions. They kill because killing is rewarded. They blow up children because the media rewards them and their war effort. They kill women because honestly… why shouldn’t they?

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