Oh, those wacky Islamic radicals

You can’t blame America, Israel or the War in Iraq for this one. It’s just those fun-loving, bomb-throwing Islamists having their fun again:

Islamic radicals may have been plotting attacks in Barcelona, Spain’s Interior Minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba said on Saturday, after police found bomb-making materials and arrested 14 South Asians.

Rubalcaba told a news conference civil guard police found explosives and other equipment during raids on five addresses in Spain’s second city, and arrested 12 Pakistanis and two Indians after receiving information from its own and other European intelligence agencies.

Spain suffered Europe’s deadliest Islamist attack when four Madrid trains were bombed in March 2004, killing 191 commuters and wounding a further 1,800, three days before a general election. With less than two months before Spain’s next national poll, Rubalcaba said security services remained on high alert.

The interior minister said Saturday’s raids were distinct from many operations against Islamic militants in the past, which largely targeted groups seeking to finance radical groups or recruit members to fight.

“Here we are looking at something different: a well-organized group who were going beyond ideological radicalism to acquiring materials to make explosives and therefore eventually to carry out violent attacks,” he said.

Spain’s intelligence services have warned France, Portugal and the UK that radicals, principally of Pakistani origin, were ready to launch imminent attacks, newspaper website El Pais reported. It gave no further details.

Spain’s Interior Ministry regards Islamic militants, rather than Basque separatists ETA, as Spain’s greatest security threat and has significantly beefed up surveillance of mosques and employed more Arabic translators in the last four years.

Rubalcaba said the group, which had stockpiled bomb-making materials including timers and ball-bearings, had been ready to act. Computers were also seized during the operation in the historic district of Raval just after midnight.

At this point, at least a few Spaniards might be realizing that Spain’s craven yielding to the Islamists in 2004 (when Spaniards flocked to the polls to elect a government they knew would withdraw from Iraq) did not, in fact, placate the implacable. Although Islamists play to the West by offering one specific grievance or another (American’s on sacred soil in Saudi Arabia, American support of Israel, Spanish support of America, etc.), those are just sops to the credulous. This is full out war, with the world as the Islamists’ battlefield and the Western press as their usefully idiotic mouthpiece.

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  1. Oh, don’t be silly. Of _course_ this can be blamed on America, Israel, neocons, Bush, and/or Petraeus. _Anything_ can be blamed on them. It’s all about oil, or something. Oil explains everything. There’s oil in Iraq, therefore Muslims blow stuff up in Spain. No blood for Jewish Oil! Kucinich in ’04!

  2. Unfortunately, the “it must be something we did” crowd is not likely to face up to the big picture.
    After 9/11,when many said that a reason for 9/11 was that the US supported Israel and not the Arabs, I was reminded of a conversation my mother had with a Palestinian Christian from the Bethlehem area, a student of my father’s, back in the 1960s. In response to his statement that the US supported Israel and not the Arabs, my mother reminded him of Eisenhower in 1956. Soon after Nasser’s nationalization of the Suez canal, the British, French, and Israelis had invaded the Suez. Eisenhower unequivocally ordered the British, French and Israeli governments to withdraw their troops. The Palestinian Christian’s response? Eisenhower did it only because of the Russians.

    Conclusion: the US is damned if we do, damned if we don’t “support the Arabs.” After all, how many visits did Yasser Arafat make to the Clinton White House? What did that get us?

    Some years later, the father of this Palestinian Christian visited us in the US. The father expressed his strong dislike to us of the Israeli occupation. The father had also given his children some advice well before the Six Day War in 1967.The father, who was employed in the Jordanian civil service in the West Bank, told his children to get out of the West Bank. The Muslims will not let Christians advance, they will favor Muslims over Christians for promotions, he informed his children.

    The “It must be something” crowd refuses to face the facts. Perhaps they should visit the MEMRI website, so that they will remember.

  3. Some cultures and “civilizations” demand the complete subjugation and oppression of all other cultures and civilizations. Those who resist are to be slaughtered, with examples placed under slavery or other form of bondage or forced public submission and obeisance. There is joy in destruction and triumph.

    Other cultured and civilizations are set up to share, persuade and debate. To trade. To honor each other and to compete. The better idea wins, sometimes completely. Sometimes partially. There is joy in creativity and production.

    Our American culture is mostly of the second type, and all of its strengths are of the second type. Our Islamofascist enemies are mostly of the first type, and all of their strengths lie in the first type. They in fact have a hatred of all aspects of civilization that are expressed of the second type.

    When will we see that that is the nature of this fight? That in fact they seek to conquer and oppress and destroy everything of ours that we love? That we are quite willing to let them simply BE if they would be willing to coexist as different cultures? (And the same can be said of the Israelis and the Palestinatians?)

  4. And the galling part is, many of the-don’t know the author of what I was replying to, maybe it was Danny.

    That’s cause violence works. You nuke a city and you know that it has been wiped off the map. You try to negotiate or do diplomacy with a city and you are never sure who ends up with the advantage at the end.

    Violence is objective. Mealy mouthed appeasement isn’t. That is why when Hitler used the tools of violence on Chamberlain and CHamberlain tried to use the tools of talking, violence won and talking shut the heck up.

    [I can’t find the thread I was supposed to write this in, so I’m posting it here. It was the thread where I was talking about Jewish pacifism]

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