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Rumors about organ harvesting surface constantly when it comes to China, and they probably have a good foundation given that, working through China, you can get any organ you need, any time.  Now, Jay Nordlinger comes with a fairly detailed report (with lots of links) that China is using Falun Gong practitioners as their preferred organ providers.  It's a story that deserves reading on its own and in conjunction with the post I did yesterday on the officially sanctioned infant killing spree in Holland. 

The conclusion I draw from both these stories is that the Judeo-Christian doctrine is one of the highest forms of humane thinking.  Neither Communism nor Secular thinking offer something as simple as God's order: "Choose life." 

Some time ago, I wrote a column for American Thinker about how the Democrats are embracing a culture of death in America.  To toot my own horn, it bears re-reading, since I think we stand at the beginning of the slippery slope, and China and Holland remind us of where that slope goes.

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  1. But we still grant them most favored nation trading status while using the convenient argument that contact via trade will help bring about change in their country. Some of the links are too disturbing for words. So now the story is exposed, what do you want to bet that this won’t effect business relations? It’s funny, I occasionally watch CCTV (China Cable TV–China’s only worldwide English news channel) and was actually considering a vacation there based on their slick tourism segments; now I would say, not in this lifetime.

  2. The philosophical argument is that if there is no God from which human created rights derive, then all human rights derive from the state. And what the state gives, it can take away.

  3. *sigh* I don’t mean to rain on your parade, Book, but on average, the US executes 2*10^-5 percent of its total population annually, which is only an order of magnitude behind China’s annual execution rate of 3*10^-4 percent of its population. And of course, the USA is the world leader in executing child offenders. So, Book, your claims vaulting the US’s “culture of life” must be tempered by a few provisions on *which* lives the US values. Furthermore, as the old saw would have it: the Republican and Christianist husbandry on a child’s life diminishes exponentially as the time from birth increases, which does compare unfavorably with the situation in the rest of the industrialized world.

  4. You’re assuming China actually tells you who they execute.

    I wouldn’t if I was China.

    Since China has like 3 times our population and their annual execution rate is 10 times ours, 1 order of magnitude greater than ours, means that for everyone we execute, China executes 30 more people.

    Don’t use scientific notation to confuse people, Ray. Some people actually know how to do the math.

    On Average, China doesn’t tell everyone their historical rates of execution. Like Tian Square for example…

    60 a year compared to 3600 a year. That’s after taxes, btw for china and before taxes for America.

  5. uh huh … My point is that American rates of execution are more comparable with those of China than with those of our allies.

    I believe the confusion on this issue arises because many conservatives want to define their pro-life values very, very narrowly — and in fact, if they had their way, exclude from discussion — (ignore, actually, as you, Ymarsakar, ignored two of the three points that I made in my post) — that a nation and culture affirms, celebrates and supports life by assuming a bit more responsibility than simply focusing on abortion and passing a federal law to extend one woman’s residence in a hospital bed.

  6. The point is that people who don’t like the death penalty don’t do so because they like life, they do so because they don’t like fighting for life.

    The confusion occurs because people equate manipulated statistics with reality, and people equate life with a statistic. Perhaps they learned from the great Stalin that one death was a tragedy, but one million is a statistic.

    There’s nobody counting how many people die. Simply because they don’t care, and neither do the people who count on statistics to make their “point”.

    By all means, assert your responsibility to decide whom lives and whom dies.

  7. unbelievable.

  8. What’s unbelievable is thinking that 100% unemployment in China is “comparable” to 10% unemployment in the US, because it is only “one” order of magnitude greater. That is uneblievable.

  9. I love this site. Good work…

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