How they see us

In my post about Philip Roth, I pointed out that he characterizes Republicans as “brutal” (unlike Democrats, of course). I just saw the same theme crop up in an article about the insanity that promises to envelope Berkeley’s town council meeting on Tuesday as the town considers rescinding its ill-thought out letter to the Marines. To begin with, there may be a lot of people there:

Hundreds of protesters from across the country and the political spectrum are expected to descend on City Hall with bullhorns, drums, banners and plenty of vitriol in anticipation of the City Council’s debate over the Marines’ recruiting station in town.

The ruckus started last week when the council voted to send a letter to the Marines, calling them “unwanted intruders” for opening the recruiting center on Shattuck Avenue last year. At the same time, the council granted Code Pink a parking space and a sound permit to make it easier for the peace group to conduct protests outside the center.

On Monday, Councilwomen Betty Olds and Laurie Capitelli introduced an item for this week’s meeting, asking the city to retract its statements about the Marines and clarify that the city is against the war, not against the armed forces.

“We’re starting to get people coming in from all over the U.S.,” said Catherine Moy, executive director of Move America Forward, one of several pro-military groups planning an all-day protest Tuesday at Maudelle Shirek City Hall. “People are pretty upset. We want to avoid clashes, but it could be really, really big. We don’t really know what’s going to happen.”

In other words, conservatives want to be there to exercise their free speech rights and they want to keep it peaceful. But that’s not how liberals see the fellow-Americans they’ll be facing across the picket lines:

Peace groups, disgusted that the council would cave in to pressure from the pro-military groups, plan to host their own rally, an “emergency 24-hour peace-in vigil,” complete with singing, drums and dialogue.

“We want to protect our city from the onslaught of the right wing,” said Code Pink spokeswoman Zanne Joi. “We’re facing people who are willing to kill or send other people’s children to kill to get what they want. We understand the reality of that, and we’re prepared to face that in a nonviolent way.” (Emphasis mine.)

We’ve gone beyond Roth’s “brutes” into Code Pink’s killers. As I pointed out in that same Roth post, though, while violent rhetoric does emanate from both sides (the same article mentions the obligatory death threats), the trend has been for the violent acts to emanate from the left, not the right. I wonder what Tuesday will bring.

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Secession at Berkeley

If Berkeley wants to secede from the United States, I’m willing to let it go. But as Senator Jim DeMint makes clear, that action of secession should bear a few minor consequences, such as the loss of all federal funds. If Berkeley wants to eat its cake, let it. But having dined in style on a rich cake made up of loony conspiracy theories and radical politics, it certainly shouldn’t be able to claim a subsequent entitlement to a nice, rich cake made of up of taxpayer cash:

Hat tip: Hot Air

Pardon me, but Berkeley liberals are idiots

You can read here a story about the fact that Berkeley is trying to backpedal from its stupid, mean-spirited attack on the Marines, not for any principled reasons, but because some Republican Senators have said that, if Berkeley doesn’t take the Marines, it doesn’t get to enjoy the benefits of US taxpayer money.  I can tell you that the article, taken as a whole, basically describes in detail the myriad attacks that Code Pink launched against the Marines, and the aid the City of Berkeley provided for Code Pink before embarking on its benighted direct attack against the Marines.  The Marines, as you may recall, didn’t do anything in this kerfuffle.  Their sole “crime” was simply being there.  That’s why I was so impressed by the idiocy behind the closing quotation in the article:

Ann Cooper with the Berkeley Unified School District wants both sides to play nice.

“Senators sitting 3,000 miles away are trying to take food away from the children of Berkeley,” said Cooper. “Why? Because the Marines and the city aren’t playing nice — and that’s just not OK.”

Considering that the Marines have done nothing at all but exercise their Federal right to open a recruiting center in an American city, you rather have to wonder in what way Ms Cooper thinks they “aren’t playing nice” — and what she would have them do differently?  And yes, that’s a purely rhetorical question, because for all that Ms Cooper is trying to sound even-handedly Solomonic, you know that, in her mind, the Marines can play nice only by ceasing to exist.

I won’t even touch the rhetorical stupidity of the starving children in Berkeley.  In Oakland, maybe; but not in Berkeley.  There is no indication that the Feds were going to affect food programs.  They were going to withdraw funds for a transportation upgrade.  After all, civic actions have consequences, but no matter the issue, the libs like to hide their politics behind “the children.”

Letting Berzerkley hear from you

My expectations of Berkeley have always been low.  Already when I was a student there many, many moons ago, I figured out that few people there actually engaged in independent thinking.  They were simply radical liberal lemmings.  I was also pretty disgusted by the professors who lived in their multi-million dollar homes in the hills; who commanded huge taxpayer funded salaries for working a few hours a week; and who had their black and Hispanic maids and Japanese gardeners, but who nevertheless felt comfortable preaching Marxist class warfare and castigating students for their middle-class upbringings.  Still, even for a town that normally functions at a low intellectual and moral level, Berkeley’s government seems to have found new depths to plumb with its council resolution likening a Marine recruiting station to a porn shop — the only difference being that, while Berkeley would no doubt welcome a porn shop, it’s doing its damnedest to rid itself of the Marines.

If you think there’s good reason to slap down this newest candidate in Berkeley’s perpetual game of “How Low Can You Go,” you now have the perfect opportunity:  a petition that Move America Forward’s Melanie Morgan intends to submit to the Mayor and City Council next week.  Of course, since Berkeley follows the paranoid style of American politics, it will only cement them in their belief that they’re right and everyone else is wrong.  Nevertheless, it seems like the right thing to do so feel free to go do it.

Hat tip:  Michelle Malkin