Obama’s shopping cart — by guest blogger Sadie

It’s like standing in line at the check out counter:  You find yourself peering into the cart in front of you to see what people are eating. The obviously overweight person in front of you has filled his cart with junk food, sugary cereals, ice cream, no vegetables, lots of frozen pizza, no fruit, lots of crap — and you stand there silently shaking your head from side to side. You stifle the urge to say something, because you know that it’s none of your business.

I just got a peek at the Obama cart…..

This is from the White House visitor logs that check everyone who goes in and out. Here are a few individuals, with their number of visits:

George Soros – 4 times
Bill Ayers – 2 times [Although I think that this isn’t that Bill Ayers]
Jeremiah Wright – 1 time
Micheal Moore – 8 times
Micheal Jordan – 5 times
Gen. David Petreus – 0 times
Unions Boss Richard Trumka – 8 times
Union Boss Andy Stern – 21 times
Alan Greenspan – 8 times
Gen. Stanley McChrystal – 0 times

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