Send your kids to school — with caffeine

Had we in the conservative world not made an uproar, I have no doubt but that the Obama speech, and the supporting teaching materials, would have encouraged children to come to the cult of Obama.  Thanks to the uproar, the speech shows that the cult of Obama is pretty much comprised of one member — Obama himself.

You can read the speech here.  My eyes rolled back into my head about 12 paragraphs in, after Obama’s umteenth reference to himself.  “I” this and “I” that.  An enterprising Hot Air reader counted 55 self-references to Obama and only four to America.  It a paralyzing speech made up of equal parts vanity and lecture.

When I was living in England, there was a running joke about Yorkshire codgers greeting every complaint about the hardships of modern life with a self-serving story beginning “When I were a lad….”  Thus:  “You call this snow?  When I were a lad, it snowed like this every day, all summer long, and we had to walk through this wearing nothing but our swimsuits and snowshoes.”

Obama has created his own “When I were a lad” speech.  Unless his personal charm comes through in the videos (and some high schoolers with lingering affection for him may see it), most students will be twitching with the desperate desire either to run or to sleep.

We must be eternally vigilant, but I think we’re safe this time.

10 Responses

  1. Your Team lost….You are a sore loser and you most likely are a racist, conservative creepy Christian. What would Jesus do? Would he react this way?
    GROW UP!!! Peolpe like you just want to hate for the sake of hating. Was it wrong when Bush and Reagan addressed the nations school children? If this were an all white Democrat President would all you haters be acting like this? Like I said GROW UP,,,,,enjoy the next 7 more years HATER!

    • Yes, if he was all white with the same agenda, I would not like him one bit. NO ONE, but no one, speaks to my children without my consent. I don’t care if it is the Pope himself.

      It’s not about race, it’s about politics. Too much of this smacks of dictatorship. You young people who don’t know your history, need to start studying, before we become another Cuba or Germany. This is EXACTLY the same stuff Castro, Hitler and countless other dictators pulled, all with the blessing of the uneducated public.

  2. Gees, it was so boring I couldn’t read it all. The kids will be asleep after the second paragraph. He needs to take a lesson on keep his speeches brief as I have never been able to listien to one before being bored to tears. I too think he needs to get over himself.

  3. Christine
    Your Team lost….You are a sore loser and you most likely are a racist, conservative creepy Christian.

    Your stating this shows how ignorant you are. Bookworm is Jewish, and an ex-liberal.
    You need to modify your pejorative phrase accordingly.

    Scroll down circa Feb 2008 to find the new Bookworm Room URL.

  4. Send you kids to school not with caffiene but with chess chomps by getting them “How To Play Chess Like An Animal”

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