A higher, liberal plane

I like my Pandora radio, and was sufficiently curious about one of the repeating ads for a new TV show, Eli Stone, to track it down. At the website, I discovered that if you’re an evil corporate attorney, but have a brain aneurysm that causes you to become a prophet, you magically transform into a radical liberal who goes after big drugs. Who knew?

UPDATE: I’ve switched to a new server, so you can feel free to look around here or check out my new site, which not only has the old stuff, but also will move forward into the future with all my new material.


3 Responses

  1. Oh, but there’s a disclaimer that says it’s all fiction.


  2. Let’s have some fun! Shows #1 and #2 are synopses of the actual plots.
    Let’s fill in our own versions of the rest of them! 🙂

    And isn’t it cute, after “Pilot”, all episode names are George Michael song titles!

    1 “Pilot” January 31, 2008
    Eli’s hallucinations maybe linked to a medical condition or the chance that he is a prophet. He starts by suing a vaccine manufacturer, representing the mother of an autistic child, whose autism is caused by a mercury-based preservative formerly used in common childhood vaccines.

    2 “Freedom” February 7, 2008
    After two weeks without visions, Eli is reluctant to take the case of a Mexican couple, who are suing a produce conglomerate for their use of pesticides. But he changes his mind after another round of hallucinations.

    3 “Father Figure” February 14, 2008
    4 “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” February 21, 2008
    5 “One More Try” February 28, 2008
    6 “Something to Save” March 6, 2008
    7 “Heal the Pain” March 13, 2008
    8 “Praying For Time” March 20, 2008

    My #9…
    I think they’re missing at least one promising song title:
    Eli sues a pharmaceutical company that develops a urinary tract infection drug called FloZone, when the drug has unexpected paranoia-inducing side effects. In the episode titled, “They Won’t Go When I Go”.

  3. I was intrigued by the ads and tuned in to the pilot. After about 20 minutes, it was clear where this show is going, and I turned it off. Too bad. That “Faith” song is so catchy.

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