Racism, sexism and political elections


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  1. In 1958, 94% of white Americans disapproved of marriages between blacks and whites, which also indicates that such opinions were not at all restricted to the segregationist South. By 2007, that percentage had gone down to 19% of white Americans. Ninety four percent down to nineteen percent: that is quite a drop in a half-century.

    The US is NOT the great sinner with regard to bigotry and racism, not by a long shot. How many houses in the US have portraits of Hitler in them? I have never seen one. I was invited into two houses in different countries in South America that displayed portraits of Hitler, and was a houseguest in a third country where a retired of professor of some prominence, who claimed to have met Che Guevara in the 1950s, gratuitously made anti-Semitic remarks.

    Racism: I will stop for space limitations, but merely describe an incident in Trinidad. I walked into a bakery to purchase some raisin buns. An elderly black woman looked at my Bermuda shorts, which were very practical and also very common in Trinidad’s tropical climate, and made an angry comment. “If we wore shorts in the US, we would be looked down upon. You white m***** f***** c***.” She walked out the door. (As I wore and wear shorts in Texas 8 months out of the year, I found the comment amusing. ) Moral of the story: just as the Southern US has no monopoly on racism compared to other parts of the country, the US has no monopoly on racism compared to the rest of the world.

    Yes, there is bigotry, ethnocentrism, and racism in the US, but it is down considerably from what it used to be. People who in their countries of origin, or in the countries of origin of their ancestors, would be at each other’s throats, get along in the US.

  2. Anyone who’s interested might want to trot over to Helen’s blog and see that I accepted her invitation, and went to her home territory to continue my effort to find out what lies at the root of some of her opinions. The post in question is called “Maybe That’s Why We’re So Confusing.”

  3. By the way, it would be much more convenient if the entire discussion could remain in one location. It kind of feels like when the kid takes his basketball and goes home in the middle of a game because he’s losing. Just my opinion, of course.

  4. “It kind of feels like when the kid takes his basketball and goes home in the middle of a game..”

    That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  5. >>“It kind of feels like when the kid takes his basketball and goes home in the middle of a game..”>>

    Or that someone wants to increase traffic at their own blog…

  6. Comments to a blog entry are not the same as posing questions to an issue that arises during discussion. Answering the questions Judy posed is equivalent to writing an entire blog entry. So why should answer on Bookworm’s blog rather than on my own where my regular visitors may see it? How do I know Bookworm even wants it here? Okay, she probably does. Bookworm seems comfortable letting a thread seek its own direction. But why should I limit my readers to the readers of this blog? Cross-posting is fine but takes time. This isn’t about your convenience. I’m hoping to reach some people who might be on the fence. I hope to bring people who don’t think alike and don’t want to to a point where they can be civil with one another.

    My blog is my home. The center of my world is not Bookworm Room. This is one of many blogs I visit. Surely it’s no surprise that people visit my blog who don’t come here. 🙂

  7. And yes, seuk, I’d love to increase traffic on my blog. If I didn’t want anyone to read what I write, I wouldn’t put it on the internet. It takes a bit of ego to write a blog. I’m a poet with plenty of ego.

  8. Bookworm,
    Thanks for the link. I appreciate it very much. I am just curious: why did you link to my mirror site at Blogspot? The ping from my post came from my main site at WordPress. So, how did you know about the site at Blogspot?
    Again, thank you very much.

  9. That’s interesting, Eric-Odessit. My WordPress, which tracks links to my blog, sent me over to your mirror site. Would you like me to change the link?

  10. As a blogger, I’m going to have to defend Helen here. She’s right that I don’t mind civil discourse in my comments, no matter where that discourse travels, since I find it very enlightening and interesting, but I can well understand that, to the extent Helen’s concerns are the engine driving this discussion, she wants to see it at her own blog. Traffic is the balm to every blogger’s ego. Still, if the whole discussion does shift there, I admit to the fact that I’ll miss the excitement here!

  11. Well, the discussion that shifted to Helen’s blog is about pacifism not racism, so there’s still plenty of meat to digest here if the discussion continues. The only reason I took my little part of the conversation over to Helen’s blog is because she posted something there that I thought was a direct reference to something I said over here a few days ago, which never got resolved. And I went to Helen’s site because of Eric Odessit’s post on his blog, which was also a response to Helen. And at this moment I confess to needing a road map because I don’t recall which posts are where, which is why I said above that it would be more convenient to keep it all in one place. Wait a minute, I’m getting dizzy…

    Okay, I’m staying where I am and assume that Helen and Eric will see this. For Helen to claim that racism in the U.S. is only about blacks is narrow minded and shows that she looks at history selectively. Discrimination against Jews was a reality in the U.S. and affected many lives. (And yes, there are some who still practice it.) I also doubt Latinos would agree that racism is only practiced against blacks in this country. Just listen to the ones fighting on behalf of illegal immigrants. They call the no-amnesty side racists all the time. It’s their favorite defense.

    Helen has read about racism (and to some ways of thinking, has practiced it – against whites), but I think I’d be correct in saying she has never been a victim of it. Eric, has been a victim of racism (against Jews) and that gives him a perspective (and authority) to speak about racism in way Helen can’t. We should listen to him. His comments should not be dismissed just because they don’t fit the agenda.

  12. For those who would like to follow up on the pacifism discussion now taking place over at Helen’s place, Helen has promised to reply to my questions by Tuesday next week. I appreciate that offer from her, and look forward to reading her answers.

  13. FYI, Eric replied at my blog. And I answered him. The thread is about racism.

  14. Oh, and Bookworm, I have no intention of taking away your readers. My blog is not primarily about politics. The major reason I blog is to promote my own and other people’s poetry. I also post Christian devotionals. Since your blog is primarily about politics, I can’t imagine you loosing a single reader to me, but I would hope to pick up a couple who might want to read both. Some people read and comment on lots of blogs. I do, but one’ s cat blog, where Skittles, the Huntress is conducting a political campaign to head of both the Democratic and Republican candidates this fall. It’s pretty tongue in cheek. Others are primarily poetry or Christian living kind of things. But – whoda thunk it? – almost everyone has a political opinion these days, some informed, some very ignorant.

  15. No worries, Helen. Just as I have the ability to love both my children to the full extent of my heart, I have no doubt that my readers can enjoy both my and your blog at the same time!

  16. Like I have the power to take away your readers. LOL

    Life is not a competition. It’s meant to be lived cooperatively with everyone winning. There is enough for everyone.

  17. “Life is meant to be lived cooperatively with everyone winning”.

    Prove it!

  18. “For God so loved the world. . . .”

  19. You know, I’m a writer. And maybe a part me says, “You know, you can edit at any time on your blog. You can fix an error.” An error in a comment on Bookworm’s blog lives in cyberspace forever. How I hate that.

  20. Neither you nor I are God, helenL and I don’t believe that he wants us dead.

    Luke 22:35-38

    [35] Then Jesus asked them, “When I sent you without purse, bag or sandals, did you lack anything?”

    “Nothing,” they answered.

    [36] He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. [37]

    I don’t think Jesus instructed His apostles to purchase a sword with which to trim their toe-nails.

  21. But two verse later, the disciples told Jesus they has two swords. And Jesus told them, “It is enough.” Luke 38

    You see two swords will do it. Doesn’t sound like a world war to me.

    Ah well. I’m not going to proof text. You know, my verse is better than your verse. The Bible is meant to bring us to God, not to make us fight each other. Finis.

  22. HelenL, I salute you. We have made great progress, you and I, as we have now shifted the central question of debate from “whether swords or ploughshares” to “how many swords?”.

  23. Danny, If you’re as busy as I am, this could get really silly. I haven’t changed my opinion, but I have stopped adding to this thread. 🙂

  24. Bookworm,
    That is indeed strange. The ping back I see in the comments to that thread, at least on my computer, shows the WordPress site.
    Yes, if you don’t mind, I would prefer the link to lead to my WordPress site. I like it better: it allows some additional pages beside the blog.
    Thank you.

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