The stupid dance begins again *UPDATED*

We now know that the Gazans instant collapse into existential despair the last time Israel reduced their electricity flow was a carefully choreographed dance that served two purposes: it enabled Hamas to knock down the wall Egypt had built (a wall about which no one in the West ever complained) and it gave photo ops to the useful idiots in the Western press. It looks as if the whole grotesque dance is starting all over again:

Israel began reducing the amount of electricity it sells to Gaza as part of sanctions against continued rocket fire, Israeli officials said on Friday. The move prompted a warning from the United States not to “worsen the humanitarian situation” of the civilian population in Gaza, and was followed by the firing of yet more rockets at Israel by militants there.

Israel began reducing its electricity flow into the Gaza Strip by less than one percent late Thursday night. By Friday afternoon, 21 rockets had been launched against Israel, an Army spokeswoman said, with several landing in and around the Israeli border town of Sderot and in open areas south of Ashkelon, a larger Israeli coastal city north of the strip.

Israeli officials said the electricity had been cut by about one megawatt out of the 124 megawatts that Israel provides to Gaza, and that an additional megawatt could be cut each week depending on the security situation and the needs of the Gaza population. Israel said it would continue to provide the necessary minimum to prevent harm to the safety or health of the residents.

Has there ever been a time in the history of the world when Country A repeatedly states its wish to destroy Country B and then acts upon that wish, only to have Country B continue to keep vital material flowing into Country A? I’d like to say that it’s gotten to the point that Israel is too stupid to deserve the gift of national survival, but I won’t. It’s true that the Israelis, for reasons unclear to me, keep the amazingly ineffectual Olmert in office, and it is true that the Israeli peace movement could more aptly be named the National Suicide Pact, but there’s more to it than that.

The fact is, Israel inadvertently made a pact with devil when she began to rely. Because America is a necessary part of the Israeli war machine and the Israeli economy, Israel can’t afford to alienate her — that would be a suicidal act as sure as just opening the borders and letting in the Palestinians. So as long as the US has this bizarre “let’s make nice with your killers” attitude, Israel is completely handicapped. She cannot fight a war against her open enemies and, instead, ends up subsidizing them as they fight a war against her.

It always was a Catch-22, of course, because Israel could never have survived as long as she did without US aid. It’s like steroids I guess: first they make you stronger, then they destroy you.

UPDATE:  While Israel is forced by world pressure to support her enemy, fellow Arabs have no such constraints.  As James Taranto describes:

Arabs love Palestinians in the abstract–as a symbol of the putative evil of the hated Jews. But they’re not so crazy about Palestinians as actual human beings. Here is a prominent Egyptian who is so averse to Palestinians that even their money isn’t good enough for him.


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  1. I don’t understand either, Book. Did God ever tell the Jews to “repair the world” by committing suicide? I don’t think so.

    I really, really don’t get why so many Jews (including some that I know personally who appear normal, anyway) think that it puts them on some kind of moral high plane to wish suicide upon Israel and wish success to those that would kill them simply for being Jews. Did this happen in the 1930s as well?

    I can’t tell you how many times I, as a conservative Christian, have found myself passionately having to defend Israel in discussions with Jews. I really don’t understand this. Is it self-hatred?

  2. I’m reading Ruth Wisse’s wonderful “Jews and Power.” At the book’s beginning, she explains that, back in Babylonian times, Jews psychologically blunted the victor’s power by blaming themselves from falling shy of God’s standards. It wasn’t that the Babylonians won; it was that the Jews lost. This was part of how they preserved their nationhood in the face of defeat and diaspora. In the old days, though, they still prayed for their enemy’s destruction at God’s hands, and were willing to let themselves or others serve as the vehicle of that destruction. Israel seems to have lost this last sense — even you if you lose, it doesn’t mean your enemy should win.

  3. many Jews, including some Israelis, take Israel for granted. Without Israel, Jews will again be as vulnerable as before WWII. That means, if a government or nation is favorable, they will be secure and comfortable. If not, they will be at risk of expulsion, isolation, or discrimination. Israel is the haven in the storm in a world that has always been unpredictable for Jews. Because the state of Israel has been around long enough that most do not think of the world before its birth, it is easy to forget that much of the feeling of security Jews have today comes from its being there. Even for Jews in vulnerable lands.

    Yet Book, I think many of your dire predictions for Israel would be tempered if you took a trip there and saw how vibrant and normal life is there. People are not quite rolling over and playing dead yet- though yes, there are concerns.

  4. Your last point is a comforting one, Lulu. Let’s hope that the populace is not only smarter than the politicians, but is able to bend the politicians to popular will.

  5. Lulu, with all due respect, having rockets raining down on your head and burqua’d women exploding in your midst is not “normal”.

  6. I think, Danny, it’s normal if that’s all you know. Also, I do understand Lulu’s point. I was last in Israel 20 years ago, but I remember thinking what an incredibly vibrant community, especially outside of Jerusalem. I hated Jerusalem. I was too young to value its historicity, but I was certainly sensitive to the hatred oozing out of the inhabitants, by which I mean the Arab hatred for the Jews and the ultra-Orthodox hatred for the seculars. If I never go back to Jerusalem, it will be too soon — but I sure did love Tel Aviv and Haifa, which are wonderful fusion cities, with all the energy and exotic quality of the Mediterranean, and all of the luxuries and civilities of the West. Those cities’ inhabitants are people of tremendous backbone, and the striving for normalcy is what gets them through their days.

  7. Спасибо. было познавательно.

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