Pardon me, but Berkeley liberals are idiots

You can read here a story about the fact that Berkeley is trying to backpedal from its stupid, mean-spirited attack on the Marines, not for any principled reasons, but because some Republican Senators have said that, if Berkeley doesn’t take the Marines, it doesn’t get to enjoy the benefits of US taxpayer money.  I can tell you that the article, taken as a whole, basically describes in detail the myriad attacks that Code Pink launched against the Marines, and the aid the City of Berkeley provided for Code Pink before embarking on its benighted direct attack against the Marines.  The Marines, as you may recall, didn’t do anything in this kerfuffle.  Their sole “crime” was simply being there.  That’s why I was so impressed by the idiocy behind the closing quotation in the article:

Ann Cooper with the Berkeley Unified School District wants both sides to play nice.

“Senators sitting 3,000 miles away are trying to take food away from the children of Berkeley,” said Cooper. “Why? Because the Marines and the city aren’t playing nice — and that’s just not OK.”

Considering that the Marines have done nothing at all but exercise their Federal right to open a recruiting center in an American city, you rather have to wonder in what way Ms Cooper thinks they “aren’t playing nice” — and what she would have them do differently?  And yes, that’s a purely rhetorical question, because for all that Ms Cooper is trying to sound even-handedly Solomonic, you know that, in her mind, the Marines can play nice only by ceasing to exist.

I won’t even touch the rhetorical stupidity of the starving children in Berkeley.  In Oakland, maybe; but not in Berkeley.  There is no indication that the Feds were going to affect food programs.  They were going to withdraw funds for a transportation upgrade.  After all, civic actions have consequences, but no matter the issue, the libs like to hide their politics behind “the children.”


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  1. Those darn Marines just don’t know how to play nice, huh? ‘Liberals’ never cease to amaze and confound me.

    Another nice quote in the article comes from Xanne Joi of Code Pink: “To me, I thought free speech meant you get to say what you want without recrimination.”

    Pure Genius!

  2. Just two words for Ms Joi;
    “Semper Fidelis!”

    Doesn’t she realize that whenever this country has a problem the first thing we do is “SEND IN THE MARINES!”?

  3. I checked in on the Berkeley staff profile of Ann Cooper out of curiosity. I was expecting to find director or some other spokesperson like title. Instead the only person I could find was “Chef Ann“. If Chef Ann and Ann Cooper are one and the same then this explains everything. These people seem to be burdened by a limited capacity to think in the most basic linear terms. There is a logic deficit.

    Cause and effect are the basic building blocks of rational thought yet they can’t seem to muster up the simplest of logical conclusions. Imagine what these people are teaching their students. Talk about starving.

  4. Good for the Senators – though one might feel free to wonder why it took them so long to come to such a simple and obvious conclusion that shouldhave been applied years ago.

    A school, college, or university runs military recruiting off campus? If that school, college, or university receives federal (i.e., our) money: then it no longer does.

    Ditto for Berzerkeley.

    Ditto, in fact, for San Francisco.

    This is fairly simple, and has been an obvious response to this nonsense for years. The only question is, why did it take so long?

  5. Not only did it take long, JJ, it’s never actually going to happen. This is good theater in Congress, but no Congressperson is ever going to be the one who goes down as yanking money from a community when he can be charged with “stifling freedom of expression.”

  6. Does the Berkeley city charter allow for recalls of the city council members? How long are their terms?
    _Now_ would be a good time to consider the possibility of a turn over of CC members, it seems to me.

  7. Oh, baby – I would. Instantaneously.

    Has it ever occurred to anyone but me that what this country really is desperate for is a bunch of fairly sharp, essentially unfriendly but very clear-eyed people who are willing to work for one term? One term only – because, as you say, no chance would they ever be re-elected.

    BUT – while they were there, so much could be forever done away with!

    Get a bunch of them to say something like: “OK, Berkeley, you get away with because it’s political theater, and you count on that. Well, loonies – not today. Today we shut your water off, and we do so whether or not we get re-elected, because (all it takes is one term to get the pension) we do not give a @#$%$#@%$!!! if we get re-elected!”

    Or someone sitting in front of the senate judicary committee: “Yes, senator Kennedy. Wellk, the fact is you’rte heard is so far up your… well,

  8. Oops, broke off there.

    Anyway, just get a couple of people up there who do not care about the re-election prospects, or their prospects of getting on the court, and will take a real clear, cold, hard look at buffoons like Kennedy, Schumer et al – and just once tell them exactly what most of America thinks of them, and their right to be anywhere NEAR such a committee, let alone ON it.

    One week out of my sixty years of plain speaking – wouldn’t it be wonderful!

  9. A letter to Code Pink

    You allow your hatred of George Bush to motivate you into the most foul and hateful positions such that you are willing to insult even those who have died to bring you your freedom. I recently saw an online video of your members saying, “What were we doing in Hawaii anyway” in response to a question about if the US entry into WW2 was justified after Pearl Harbor.

    Do you actually believe this dribble or are you just sheep that will follow and defend even the most absurd concepts and ideas through until they are judged by ALL rational people as preposterous and sad?

    The best thing that comes out of your latest display of hate is that you degrade your own credibility to the extent that you are identified for what you really are… a bunch of frustrated repressed wannabe intellectuals fronting to the world that you are the champions of faith and truth, all while you are simply a bunch rip-off hack artists who have recycled a lost cause that was born more than 40 years ago out of drug induced paranoia and adolescent uneducated (and easily manipulated) naivety.

    p.s. If you ever actually visited a communist country (I just got back from China 2 weeks ago) you would quickly realize that the views you so easily take for granted; the views that are protected by our constitution and our Marines, would quickly land you in a shallow unmarked grave.

  10. SEMPTER FI TO THE MARINES its those persons who like the rest of the US. MILITARY kept this nation free otherwise we would be living under a dictatorship and we wouldnt be electing a president we would have a feurer no matter what the codestinkpink says its those G.I. that have made us a free country and not a bunch of political hacks scribbling their names on peices of paper with writtin on it

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