I’m a gal ahead of my time when it comes to Obama

On December 12, 2006, I wrote the following:

My personal feeling is that, while Obama may one day turn into a something, right now he’s pretty much a nothing: a very intelligent, but as yet untried man, with limited experience, and superficial views. What I’m gathering, though, is that on the Left, this very blankness is what makes him so appealing. He becomes a projection of everyone’s beliefs, hopes and desires. He’s a charming, smart, living version of Jerzy Kosinksi’s Chance the Gardener, in Being There. (Emphasis added.)

On February8, 2008, Joel Stein got a big column in the LA Times to write a pop culture laden critique of the increasingly creepy Obamamania, which includes this observation:

My mom, a passionate Hillary Clinton supporter, immediately attacked Obamamania. “Some part of me wants to say, ‘People wake up. He has no plans.’ I get frustrated listening to his speeches after awhile,” she said. She also said that the new vacation house in Key West is really great and her vertigo hasn’t been acting up.

I started to feel a little more grounded again. Did I want to be some dreamer hippie loser, or a person who understands that change emerges from hard work and conflict? “People are projecting an awful lot onto him,” Mom said. “Almost like what was that movie with, oh, the movie, oh God. That English actor, he practically said nothing. Oh shoot. He was the butler and everybody loved him and what he was thinking and feeling. Do you know the movie I’m talking about? You don’t.” Hers, of course, is the demographic most likely to vote.

But she’s right. Obama is Peter Sellers in “Being There.” (Emphasis added.)

I’m patting my own back at my prescience in recognizing Obama’s charm for the average, self-involved Democratic voter: they project on him their own desires. He’s the ultimate candidate for the narcissistic voter.


6 Responses

  1. Funny that you should post this, Book. My 19-year old daughter told me yesterday evening that she had exactly the same reaction when she heard him speak at her campus, although I had to explain to her what a Rorschach blot was. She gets it, most of her campus-mates don’t.(she’s supporting McCain, by the way). I’m so proud.

  2. You are spot on Bookworm. Unfortunately, he fits a significant part of the American electorate like a glove.

    My RN daughter, who is a hard-headed labor and delivery nurse, who thinks nothing of calling a recalcitrant MD in the middleof the night to tell him/her to rethink a course of action; or throwing a meddling future grand-mother out of the delivery room, is ga ga over Obama. Somehow he touches some chord of “HOPE” in her big heart and it short circuits her brain.

  3. Maybe he is exactly what you see, book. But perhaps he is something more — an intelligent man with an agenda he knows the public would find unacceptable but smart enough to play the blank slate until he is elected — and then the gloves come off. Think about it.

  4. I think that if a politician can get by speaking purely in platitudes and on solely ethereal themes, he or she would be CRAZY to delve into specifics. Specifics inevitably turn off some segment, however small, of the population. If a campaign can keep the enthusiasm high purely with the soft soap, why would they ever stop? There’s absolutely no reason to stop.

    It’s up to the Clinton machine to force him to move into specifics and so far they’ve failed. Obama is simply running a smart campaign.

    All you need to know is that leftist evaluators have rated Barack Obama the most liberal member of the Senate. THE MOST. For them that means he is the most approved. That’s all you need to know.

  5. Was it Dennis Prager who remarked that Obama is an attractive melody without any words? Or something like that. It’s pretty easy to hum along and not be distracted by thought.

  6. All politicians are crooks. but dems and republicans.
    We need to clean house and start all over again.

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