How Hollywood thinks — and how it doesn’t think

Robert Avrech, who blogs at Seraphic Secret, understands Hollywood.  Although he is an openly observant Jew, a Zionist, and a conservative, he nevertheless lives, writes and works in that town.  For that reason, when he writes about the increasingly famous intersection at Hollywood and Politics, it’s definitely worth reading what he has to say.  Here he talks about the reasoning behind Hollywood voting.  It’s not a pretty picture he paints, but as we are all consumers of Hollywood products, and as Hollywood has become one of the reliable funders for the Democratic party, it’s something we all should read (and it’s written so beautifully).


2 Responses

  1. “Hey, Democrats want change.” My friend claws quote marks in the air.

    “Change what, their diapers?”

    That about sums it up for me.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Really valuable information. Though not much, hope you will provide moe posts in the future.

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