Apologies for not blogging

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging. It’s been a lot of things: overwhelming family demands (not bad demands, just overwhelming demands), overwhelming work demands (some bad, some just overwhelming), and that weird moment of silence that falls while the votes are being counted on Super Tuesday. One other thing: I signed up for a martial arts class. Hurrah!

I did martial arts for a few years in a time B.C. (before children), but stopped with my first pregnancy. I was never very good, but, oh, how I loved it. My son started a few months ago, and he loves it with the same passion I once felt. I’ve gotten jealous so, on impulse, I went for an introduction adult lesson. It felt so good that it just didn’t matter that I’m in terrible shape. Also, I’ve got a surprising (to me) amount of muscle memory, although I’ll have to lose some of that since this dojo has a different approach from my old one.

I hate exercise just for exercise’s sake. However, there are certain activities I love — swimming, dancing, martial arts — and the exercise, instead of being the boring focus, is a wonderful by-product.

I hope that the coming months see me being in better shape, less stressed, and more cheerful.


4 Responses

  1. Howdy Bookworm,

    I hope you enjoy your martial arts classes. I used to take martial arts myself a long while ago. I tried to stretch out this morning the way I used to and just couldn’t. Ah, the years of sedentary living had caught up to me some time ago 🙂

    Out of curiosity, does your class spar with helmets and gloves, or do they just teach you guys katas and forms?

  2. My old martial arts class was very traditional Karate. I did punches, kicks and sparring, as well as endless katas. This new martial arts class is a fusion — punches and kicks, but also with a lot of jujitsu throwing and ground moves. There will be sparring, and I’m a little worried about that, because I’m much more brittle than I was more than a decade ago. Back that, I was strong, flexible, and the worst injury I took was some broken ribs. Now, after two pregnancies, I have a lot of joint problems, so I’m hoping nothing too bad happens. More than that, I’m hoping that increasing my strength and flexibility alleviates some of those same joint problems.

  3. Howdy Bookworm,

    Sounds exciting. One thing is for sure, if they’re teaching you some jujitsu, you’re going to be faster than you are now. The martial arts I took was a combination of jujitsu and shaolin kung fu, and I remember the jujitsu movements as being much faster than kung fu and less static.

    I’m sure that after you get all limbered up from all the stretching the movements would come a little easier. That’s what I’m working on myself, the stretching, and (surprise, surprise) already some of my minor aches and pains are going away. It’s amazing what a bit of stretching and some exercise will do for you. (Not to mention the mental clarity that goes along with it. Another by-product.)

    So, if I ever visit San Francisco and happen upon a petite woman going jujitsu crazy on a hapless mugger, I’ll have a pretty good idea of who I just witnessed. 🙂

  4. Bookworm, congratulations on signing up for another round of martial arts training! It’s all about “functional fitness,” my friend– and that’s a worthy pursuit at any age.

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