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Iowahawk’s classic Bylines of Brutality is now becoming something of a distant memory. To refresh your recollection, in the wake of the NY Times‘ remarkably ill-thought out article about murderous vets, Iowahawk, using the same statistical analysis the Times favors, showed the remarkable violence trend amongst journalists. I thought of that trend when I read about the BBC journalist (or, perhaps, “radio personality” is a more correct identifier) who was described in criminal court as “revolting”:

A BBC Radio 4 presenter accused of drugging and raping a man he met at a party was described in court today as “revolting” and a “bully” by his alleged victim.

The 27-year-old man told an Old Bailey jury he felt “violated” when Nigel Wrench, a presenter on the PM programme, forced him to perform a sex act hours after they met at a New Year party.

Wrench had invited the man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to see an Andy Warhol painting he had, the court heard.

He also told the younger man that he had a bottle of Taittinger champagne at home, and after they arrived he showed him his Porsche parked outside, a jury was told.

But after one gulp of the drink, which he said tasted like “poison”, the alleged victim began to black out and could feel his eyes rolling in his head, he said.

He added that he ended up in Wrench’s bed where he was repeatedly punched and forced to perform a sex act.

Wrench, 47, of north London, denies rape, sexual assault, and administering temazepam with the intention of “stupefying or overpowering” the man to have sex.

His alleged victim said he was “out of it” for a time after they snorted cocaine together in the toilet at the party.

He was talking to Wrench about getting work experience on the radio station, but said he did not fancy him and was surprised when the presenter started kissing him, and backed away against a wall.

“I didn’t want to be kissed by him. I found him revolting,” said the man.

But the man tried to brush it off and later had a conversation about modern art with Wrench, he said.

“He talked specifically about an Andy Warhol print that I was quite interested to see,” the man told the court as he gave evidence from behind a screen.

“He said, ‘do you want to come over to my place to see the Andy Warhol and I also have some other pieces that you might like’.

“He said ‘don’t worry, it won’t be for sex’. I said ‘I don’t want to have sex with you’.”

The trial continues.

Clearly, this is one more for the statistical files regarding media people and the danger they pose to ordinary citizens.


8 Responses

  1. I agree that journalists are no better than the rest of us, and possibly worse, but this story sounds fishy to me. It’s too much like the old Victorian rake’s line, “Would you like to come up to my place to see some etchings?” Followed by, “Have some Madeira, m’dear.”

    In this day and age, it seems to me that anyone who falls for that line is either incredibly naive or a willing participant.

  2. That being said, what this “radio personality” did — if he did it — is still despicable,

  3. At some point, you cease to be surprised.

  4. “The difference between stupidity and genuis is that genuis has it lmits .” I think Billy Einstein said that !

  5. I never heard that one, Swampy. Very, very funny — and true.


  7. […] The whole thing is sordid, sordid, sordid, and still stands for the principle I advanced when I first mentioned the trial, which is that the media is every bit as bad as Iowahawk said it is (using tried and true NY Times […]

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