The little voice in Obama’s ear

It’s okay to have eclectic, even wacky friends — but if you have friends such as this, you’d better explicitly disavow their wackier beliefs — not just in vague generalities, but specifically. Otherwise, you risk getting tarred with that same brush. And so it goes with Obama’s beloved mentor, Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., who is a long-standing socialist, anti-American, black supremacist, antisemite — as John Perazzo carefully documents in this article. This isn’t news to you, my readers, but what’s disheartening is that it would undoubtedly be news to American voters, if only they could have this information brought to the forefront of their brains.

What was news to me, though, since I don’t watch TV, is what Wright looks like. When it comes to objective complexion, he’s practically white, which I find ironically amusing considering that this is a man so deeply invested in black supremacist thought. He reminds me of those pathetic Jews who tout antisemitism. There’s something deeply wrong with the psychology of a man who essentially attacks himself:


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  2. I’ve noticed the many Blacks get lighter skinned as they age. Colin Powell is another who’s getting lighter. Someone else too – there’s a memory of some other well known Black, but I can’t pull it out of my mind at the moment. Not all of them obviously, but some. You’re right though, in that his features are not typically negroid.

  3. Blackness is not a matter of melanin but of racism to blacks. And reading about Wright doesn’t shock me a bit. I don’t think “socialist, anti-American, black supremacist, [and] antisemite statements” would shock most black people either. One needs to read black history from a black point of view to see why it doesn’t matter. No one would believe me if I tried to explain. A good black history book will do a much better job. Try one by John Hope Franklin or Lerone Bennett.

    The question isn’t, what does Wright believe (even now? And couldn’t he have changed? The rest of us can. Didn’t you used to be liberal, Bookworm?) The question that matters is, what does Obama believe? Talk about media intervention. LOL

  4. In defense of light-skinned blacks defining themselves as black: Recall the old racism where even a “drop” of black blood would define a person as black. 1/64 or 1/16 might have then defined someone as black at one time.

    Regarding the nonsense spewing from his mouth, that ‘s another issue.

  5. >>Blackness is not a matter of melanin but of racism to blacks.>>

    Could you elaborate on this a bit? I’ m not sure I understand what you’re saying here…

  6. I actually think I get what Gringo is saying. In some countries, race was traditionally tied directly to the color of your skin: the darker you were, the more racism was directed at you (Brazil, for example). America, however, had the one drop rule: if you had one drop of black blood in you (so to speak), you were black. A dramatic example of this is, of course, in Show Boat, where Julie’s white husband drinks a drop of her blood so that he can announce that he has a drop of black blood in him and, therefore, he’s not guilty of miscegenation. So, because Jim Crow would consider Wright black, he’s perfectly within his rights to consider himself black.

    Indeed, I don’t argue with that Wright’s self-characterization. Light-skinned he may be, but we can still recognize that he has black blood in him. However, considering his black supremacist theory, which is based on some bizarre principles about blacks’ genetic superiority, how superior can he be given that it is obvious that his genetics are mostly white. That fact shows how utterly stupid those theories are.

  7. No seuk, I’d recommend reading John Hope Franklin’s “FRom Slavery to Freedom” or Lerone Bennett’s “Before the Mayflower.”

  8. Jeremiah Wright’s views are certainly a shockingly noxious brew. He clearly belongs to the virulently racist crew headed by Louis Farrakhan and is immersed in victimology and identity politics. It’s always interesting to see the argument that blacks cannot be racist because they do not have power, even as Colin Power leads the military and Barack Obama becomes poised to be President.

    If you listen to Obama’s speeches, you do not find a DROP of this inciendiary racist rhetoric anywhere. Obama’s speeches are all about bridging the gaps, bringing people together, ignoring racial divisions. It is impossible to understand what he and his wife SEE in this Jeremiah Wright that would cause them to give him their respect.

    Something doesn’t fit here. Either this Wright fellow has done a large amount of Good Works in their community, and that is all that Obama and his wife see… or they’ve made choices in their friends that belie the rhetoric of Barack’s campaign.

    I would have said that Barack Obama may belong to the far-Left and may be a socialist in sheep’s clothing, but that he is not a racist of any sort, and that he has utterly rejected the identity politics practiced by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and to an even worse degree by Louis Farrakhan. Barack Obama will definitely have to identify what he agrees with and does not agree with in the viewpoints of the profoundly hateful Jeremiah Wright.

  9. Anyway, the point is, you’re absolutely wrong: it is no longer necessary in the least to disavow or distance yourself even from your wackiest friends’ wackiest beliefs. Anything goes, perfectly fine – no one gets tarred with anything nowadays (as long as they’re properly lliberal).

    I guess our expectations have become so low that pretty much nothing matters any more.

  10. >>Blackness is not a matter of melanin but of racism to blacks.>>

    Read a review of “Lerone Bennett’s “Before the Mayflower.”, and I get the idea…slavery was bad. But slavery really doesn’t have anything to do with race or skin color – are you saying that it does? It also isn’t hereditary – although many of the problems associated with it were.

    So…does that mean that Obama isn’t _really_ black because his ancestors – the black ones – weren’t slaves? Or does it mean that if he had married a white woman, and his children had married white spouses etc…at some point they aren’t black anymore? Would knowing their history make a difference? Odinga claims that Obama is his cousin…do you know anything about that? Does it matter?

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