From the “is it just me . . .” department

Is it just me, or is this precisely the way the media covered Theresa Heinz Kerry when it became apparent that John Kerry was the frontrunner?

Once reticent Michelle Obama is big campaign asset

Michelle Obama’s fiery campaign style belies the fact that she was hesitant at first about getting involved in her husband Barack’s bid to become U.S. president.

Obama says she never expected to be on stage extolling her husband’s virtues, but she is revving up crowds as she tells them he is the Democratic candidate who offers the best option for change in the United States.

“I am very passionate about change in the country and that’s what you see,” the 44-year-old Princeton- and Harvard-educated lawyer from Chicago told Reuters in an interview last year.

I’m in the midst of a project right now, so I’m no going to spend my time using Google as a “way back machine,” but I have a distinct memory that Mrs. Kerry was presented in precisely the same way. What say you?


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  1. I think Michelle Obama is an effective – but not awesome – asset for Barack’s campaign. She’s far better than Teresa Heinz Kerry was. I’ve listened to several of Michelle Obama’s interviews. She is consistently on message, and always speaks in a way that bolsters her husband’s campaign. She’s thoughtful and clearly intelligent.

    I have a great deal of respect for the intelligence and good decency displayed by Barack and Michelle Obama. They appear to be far, far better people than the quite nasty Bill and Hillary Clinton.

    However, their politics appear to be far to the Left, and so I have zero interest in ever voting for him. I like them quite a bit as people, however, and that explains why the Democrats are facing such an interesting choice this year… and why the Hillary Coronation is not exactly going as planned.

  2. ‘ As more people come to believe in something (i.e. maybe ObamaMessiah is no fairy tale or Skyfairy) we can expect others( in this case the deer(pun intended)wife MO) to hop on the bandwagon,regardless of whether the underlying existence is conclusive (i.e. can or will Bambi beat Beast and/or the Pugnacious rep in the upcoming showdowns?) But hey you would expect the wife to have a little more confidence in the husband than what MO showed.. But hey she followed the parade and saw which way it might go and now she is out in front of the parade just a banging those drums ! How about you ,do you march to the beat of your own drum or do you jump on the bandagon and look for the easy musical ride ?

  3. This is not really the place for it, but I wish to comment on last night’s elections.

    The level of hatred and vituperation against McCain is simply astonishing to me. Politics is a rough-and-tumble business, but this level of divisiveness seems profoundly harmful to me. I’d be personally comfortable with any of McCain, Romney, or Huckabee as the candidate, so I’m perhaps a terrible judge of this.

    A few points:

    McCain is staunchly pro-life and has promised to appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court. For abortion voters, what else could be more important? Consider that Reagan had a less than stellar record on Supreme Court appointments.

    McCain carried the water for George Bush on the Shamnesty bill. This was George Bush’s baby too. Yet all the criticism goes to McCain. Hardly fair, and there is more than whiff of hypocrisy. Bush was more than ready to sign the bill had it passed. And Bush signed McCain-Feingold with nary a protest, too, of any sort. And then there’s the Reagan Shamnesty…

    McCain is NOT a higher-taxes politician. He demands spending cuts in concert with tax cuts. A tax cut without a spending cut amounts to little more than printing free money and saddling future generations with more debt. Cuts in taxes do increase revenue, but there’s a limit.

    The antagonism appears to be related entirely to the fact that he’s got no respect for the evangelical wing of the Republican party. On all the issues themselves, it’s hardly clear to me that there’s a good reason for the level of hate when other Republicans, including President Bush, hardly come in for anything near that level of criticism.

    If you want a Reaganism, here’s one: “Thou shalt not speak ill of a fellow Republican.” The Slick Willie response to that is to declare the McCain is not a Republican. I’m ashamed of that kind of facile, Clintonesque response at avoiding responsibility.

  4. […] Here’s a comment that Mike Devx left at another post on this blog, and I think he’s absolutely right: The level of hatred and vituperation against McCain is […]

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