Letting Berzerkley hear from you

My expectations of Berkeley have always been low.  Already when I was a student there many, many moons ago, I figured out that few people there actually engaged in independent thinking.  They were simply radical liberal lemmings.  I was also pretty disgusted by the professors who lived in their multi-million dollar homes in the hills; who commanded huge taxpayer funded salaries for working a few hours a week; and who had their black and Hispanic maids and Japanese gardeners, but who nevertheless felt comfortable preaching Marxist class warfare and castigating students for their middle-class upbringings.  Still, even for a town that normally functions at a low intellectual and moral level, Berkeley’s government seems to have found new depths to plumb with its council resolution likening a Marine recruiting station to a porn shop — the only difference being that, while Berkeley would no doubt welcome a porn shop, it’s doing its damnedest to rid itself of the Marines.

If you think there’s good reason to slap down this newest candidate in Berkeley’s perpetual game of “How Low Can You Go,” you now have the perfect opportunity:  a petition that Move America Forward’s Melanie Morgan intends to submit to the Mayor and City Council next week.  Of course, since Berkeley follows the paranoid style of American politics, it will only cement them in their belief that they’re right and everyone else is wrong.  Nevertheless, it seems like the right thing to do so feel free to go do it.

Hat tip:  Michelle Malkin


13 Responses

  1. Looks like there are 8 or 9 targets in Berkeley just ripe for a Predator Drone strike.

  2. Perhaps the Marines can establish a Berkley Awakening Council.

  3. FOB Berkeley.

  4. I’m a conservative who lives in Berkeley who mostly likes the place despite the politics. But then, I’m a neocon hippie.

    Melanie Morgan’s counterdemonstration to Code Pink by the Marine recruitment center in downtown Berserkeley in October went really well. Maybe she can organize another.

  5. It is not clear to me why people worry about this, on either side, by the way. The city council of Berkeley considers Marine recruitment to be an obscenity.

    So be it, it is after all representative government. The question becomes will you support that local government with your feet and your pocketbook.

    Don’t like it? Move or don’t go there. You do have choices.

  6. Unfortunately, the Mayor and most of the Council is already in the pocket of Code Pink.

    Book, what did you think about the Women/Men crib sheet from Villainous Company?

  7. You do have choices.

    Berkley is important precisely because it is all about refusing potential military recruits choices.

    They will not be satisfied with simply a minor success; they will expand into the rest of the US. And the New York Times is only one example of why people worry about this.

  8. I blogged about this, too! Either great minds think alike………or fools seldom differ!


  9. The last I heard, it was being suggested that if the Marines aren’t welcome in Berkeley, then the city can do without financial inputs from the Federal government.

    Sounds about right to me…..I wish they’d apply the same kind of thinking to colleges and universities that won’t allow ROTC on campus.

  10. I dropped by there a couple of times before this hit the national news and they’d have anywhere from zero (!) to 5 people there even at a time that was heavily advertised as being protest time. It will be interesting to drop by over the next week or so to see if anything’s changed.

    (Pictures on the website, if anybody’s interested)

  11. Too bad, the idiots in the city council never had to see their platoon mate have his head blown off so that fat dumb ignorant buttheads like them could protest. So maybe the Marines should just turn their back on Berkley and let the city council defend themselves.
    Sitting a restaurant listeneing to 3 women complain about the baby killers and war mongers was bad enough, now I see this from a government council. I think I’ll be moving to Australia

  12. I am ashamed of you Berkley people and the mayor who should know better to disrespet our troops.The people of Berkley would certainly expect our troops to protect them if needed.And the calling of baby killers infereates me to no end.What about the troops who are losing there lives to keep those selfish citizen if they are even deserving of that title,safe.They would be outraged if something happened to Berkley and the troops sat and watched and calling them troop KILLERS.I am prode of our soldiers and are with them tottally in any way I can be.I am in disbelief of their attidtudes, may GOD judge them for thier ways and comments.Any buying of goods from these people will not come from me and I will spred the word against you Berkley.

  13. What’s up, I just found your blog – thanks. wanted to let you know that it’s not showing up properly on the BlackBerry Browser (I have a Bold). Anyway, I’m now on your RSS feed on my laptop, so thanks!

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