A fun political time-waster

I don’t think it’s very useful, but this new website — Select 2008 — is a rather fun way to while away time examine political issues and seeing from issue to issue where your candidates stand.  Actually, that’s unfair of me.  It may be useful to people who aren’t up on the issues and the candidates the way I, a political junkie, am.  As for me, it simply confirmed that, in my dotage, I’m a conservative, and that McCain will function as my political candidate, although he’s definitely not my top choice.  That is, it reminded me that if McCain does win the primaries, I can vote for him with a good conscience especially since, with an even better conscience, I do not want to see any of the Democratic candidates win.


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  2. I called a talk show this morning and asked the host what McCain American Conservative Union rating was. He correctly answered in the low 80’s. I asked what Hillary’s was. He first guessed 40 something, then suggested 0 or 10. (I think it’s 10.)

    My point, that he wasn’t receptive to, was that McCain is conservative. It’s just that on certain very public issues he’s chosen to break with the “base.”

    I have problems with McCain, but to argue that he’s not conservative is absurd.

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  4. Thanks for the review and kind feedback. We appreciate it very much.

    We are all about helping users who don’t have the time or the drive to track issues and compare candidates on more than just media soundbites.

    We also enable users to easily share and compare with each other their responses to the questionnaire. We hope to spark some interesting policy discussions between each others.

    We have just launched today a new feature for the Primaries Face Offs that we encourage you to check out.

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