The man who is President Bush *UPDATED*

I’ve always liked President Bush, even when I thought I was a Democrat. I liked him even back in 2000, I cast my vote for Al Gore (yes, I did). Then, I was happy to tell people that I’d rather have Bush for my next door neighbor than my President, with the reverse being true for Gore — I could never imagine just shooting the bull with that man.

Now that he has been our President, we can see that Bush has weathered more in the last 8 years than most Presidents and he has consistently comported himself with dignity. He hasn’t attacked his opponents; he hasn’t engaged in scandalous behavior, personal or political; and he has never lost sigh of his goals. I haven’t agreed with all of his goals, although I’ve agreed with most. I think he’s kept his eye on the most important ball, which is world terrorism, while getting confused regarding Israel — a confusion that is the less forgivable given that Israel has always been the canary in the coal mine when it comes to Islamic terrorism. As they are, so shall we be. I also think he made government bigger, rather than smaller (a very un-conservative thing to have done), but I know Gore (or Kerry) would have done the same, only much more so. Indeed, even in those areas in which I disapprove of Bush’s conduct, Gore (or Kerry) would have earned infinitely more of my disapproval. And as for those areas in which I think Bush did well — as to those, I can’t even contemplate a Gore or Kerry presidency.

In any event, given the contumely continuously heaped on someone I believe has been a good President and someone I’ve never doubted is a good man, it was with real delight that I read the Anchoress’s heartfelt homage to President Bush.

UPDATECheck out the last paragraph of this Obama-centric story about the SOTU address to see again what a good person George Bush is.


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  1. Are you high? Bush doesn’t have to attack. He has a snarling pack to do it for him. You’re blog is naive. The Marijuana claptrap alone exposes you as a mindless lemming. There are twice as many studies showing No carcinogens in cannabis. Not that I care either way but that’s just your spew dijour.

  2. Oh? Who exactly has Bush attacked – directly or indirectly? Just curious.

  3. Bookworm –

    I so agree.

    Over the past 7 years, he has taken several positions with which I did not agree. But I would much rather have a president whose views do not precisely coincide with mine but who is honorable and genuine than a president who sees everything the way I do but is dishonest or a disgrace.

    Character is that important.


  4. Excellent statement Bookworm.

    Even though I periodically become frustrated with President Bush, there has never been a moment when I would have preferred any of the other choices from either party.

  5. There’s a post at Neo-Neocon you might want to read as well –

  6. Someone once described Bush as one of those big rocks in the Pacific against which waves endlessly smash themselves into little droplets. I think that’s an appropriate analogy.

  7. I was going to post that link too, but Bee Bee beat me to it.

  8. He has a snarling pack to do it for him.

    Like Thomas Jefferson, the founder of the Democrat party, who bought a newspaper and had surrogates engaging in attacks on his political enemies, inspite of the fact that Jefferson hated the media?

    Not that I care either way but that’s just your spew dijour.

    Then why are you the one bringing it up?

  9. Remember how the previous administration wouldn’t make a move without checking the polls?

    I don’t agree with everything Bush has done, but I admire that he doesn’t flip/flop, and doesn’t treat his job like a popularity contest.

  10. It is President Bush’s consistent behavior which will rank him as one of the greatest Presidents. Choosing a critical policy or goal, and staying with it until achieved, particularly in a war, is the mark of a leader.

  11. Um, Kirk, don’t look now. A number of studies showed no carcinogens or dangers in tobacco.

    Check your sources or you look like an idiot.

    Or you may just be one – either way it is not flattering to rant at the hostess. Be civil, or be gone (and I apologize when my rants occaissionally cross the line – I do try very, very hard to be civil).

    SGT Dave – “Anonymity is liberating and confining at once. You may say anything you want, but you may never take responsibility for it. If you are not careful, you will become a strident infant – loud, disruptive, and ignored by the adults around you.”

  12. My biggest problems with Bush were his pharmaceutical benefits program, his expansion of the education budget and, overall, his failure to veto Congress’s hugely expansive budgets, in the name of a hopelessly naive “new tone”. However, these were promises that he made when first running for office, so I can’t say that we weren’t warned.

    Unfortunately, most of the disaster of these past eight years can be laid at the feet of congressional Republicans, who did not hold fast to their campaign promises to hold down spending and, instead, proved themselves just as capable as the Democrats of gorging themselves at the pig trough of public funds.

    I credit Bush for holding fast to his campaign promises, even if I didn’t agree with them.

    As far as Congress is concerned, I live in Illinois – a state where Republicans are virtually indistinguishable from Democrats – they are all mutually back-scratching, grasping parasites distinguished only by the tell-tale markings on their thoroughly corrupt hides. Two of our past four governors and, soon, perhaps three of our past five governors, either have or will have served jail time.

    That people like Durbin, Obama, Hillary, Rahm Emmanuel all hail from Illinois is no accident. Given their influence in national politics, it may be time to hold on tightly to your wallets as this election unfolds.

  13. Did we lose the troll?

  14. Your mini-analysis on Bush is on target. In a post 9/11 world he had two important, and difficult, priorities: first, take the offensive against radical Islamic terror, which he has largely (minus the PR weakness) accomplished, and, second, re-establish the conditions for growth in the U.S. economy, also largely accomplished. This can be easily observed by noting that we have once again returned to living in a 9/10 world.

    Where I would differ is assessing where he has largely failed. Those who have observed that he has overseen an expansion in the USG are dead right. As a libertarian/conservative (on security policy), the three most important priorities for the U.S. president are, as the real estate agents would say, taxes, taxes and taxes. The tax revenues feed the government beast and must be controlled and eventually reduced before any meaningful policy reforms can be made.

    A glance at the field of current presidential contenders leaves one with little or no real hope that anything meaningful will get done. Even Huckabee, and his support of the Fair Tax, leaves one wondering how a tax increasing governor can really change horses in mid-stream. Oh, well, soldier on folks, the tax man will be visiting you shortly.

  15. “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it.” – Winston Churchill

  16. Even Huckabee, and his support of the Fair Tax, leaves one wondering how a tax increasing governor can really change horses in mid-stream.

    All he has to do is to give the “Fair Tax” to people he politically needs or supports him politically, while denying it to groups and factions that he doesn’t care about.

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