Taxes are soooo stressful

I hate tax season, not just because I have to pay the government, but because I have to listen to my husband ask “What were you thinking when you….?”  “Why didn’t you….?”  “Why did you….?”  It doesn’t help that his questions are usually correct in that I mis-categorized something, or lost track of something, or committed some other reasonably careless financial error. As I point out to him every year, the fact that he voiced precisely the same harangues in the preceding year (16 times and counting), doesn’t seem to have changed my basic approach to these issues.

And I always hasten to add that he can’t take the moral high ground regarding my nonexistent learning curve, at least not as far as I’m concerned, because this is a man who boasts proudly of the fact that he doesn’t know how to operate any household appliances, and rather aggressively refuses to gain any mastery over all the household and parenting tasks for which I’m responsible.  As I’ve blogged before, some of us don’t seem suited to wearing hats for both Ward and June Cleaver.  In other words, the old song was wrong.  Apparently I can’t both bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan.  (Although that last is not really true, I do both, and do both quite well.  It’s just that I can’t do either perfectly.)


9 Responses

  1. What, you can’t get him to do all the taxes?

  2. Bookworm said,

    …Apparently I can’t both bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. (Although that last is not really true, I do both, and do both quite well. It’s just that I can’t do either perfectly.)

    How about the third role as in the video above?

    ( just teasing you ! )


    This is what I imagine your household must look like, with a few variations, and a little help from the Muppet babies.

  4. I found it too stressful as well. Especially with the continuing changes to the tax code. That’s why I hired an accountant. I sleep much better now.

  5. Oh….and Quicken or QuickBooks is a good idea as well.

  6. Any of your friends ever outsource their taxes to India, via the website tax service, Danny?

  7. A big advantage of working through my local accountant is that he knows exactly who to call at the IRS offices (state and Federal) to get things resolved.

  8. I’m in awe of your ability to use humor in what would drive me to total distraction.

  9. All IRS offices are federal, Danny. It’s a federal agency. And does your accountant produce results? Only results matter. Believe me there are plenty of taxpayer reps who say they have an “in” at the tax office when all they have is oxygen. For a lot of accountants and tax lawyers, I’m convinced, the IRS is an inverse Keizer Soze (from the “Usual Suspects” movie). Their great trick is to convince you the Devil does exist and they got his direct line.

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