Devoid of inspiration, so here’s Genesis

I’m summarizing deposition transcripts and it is a mind numbing experience, to say the least.  I’m also utterly uninspired by anything in today’s news.  For example, I believe Hillary when she says she has absolutely no memory of meeting Rezko.  It’s clearly an old photo (check out Hill’s hair); I’m sure she did take hundreds, if not thousands, of these “I met the President and his wife” photos; and she’d never have raised the matter against Obama if she thought it could bite her.  So no news here.  Everyone move along.

As for the upset about the polite Republican debate, why are people fussing?  I think it’s great.  I want to elect the candidate who can best beat the Democrats, not the candidate who can be nastiest to his fellow Republicans — especially since that same nastiness can later be used as fodder by the Dems during the general election.  It’s great that they were talking about their experience and abilities and comparing those to Hillary’s lack of same.  The only thing about which I quibble is that they failed to attack the Democratic agenda more globally.  It would have been smarter than piling on Hillary.

And now, with a brain sucked completely dry by depositions that leave me wondering if my side or the other side in the case boasts the more skilled sociopathic liar (since they’re all spinning whoppers), I give you Genesis:


4 Responses

  1. I feel a little… well… stupid posting this but here I go anyway,

    the second I saw the word Genesis I thought about their song
    ” Invisible touch”,
    I do not know why I did, I just did,
    and since I have a Firefox feature that blocks videos and only shows a big blue “f” in a white box, I had no idea what video would play when I clicked on it.

    I do not think it means anything, I do not believe in any
    ” magical mysterious” stuff, but it is a weird and funny coincidence that out of a couple hundred Genesis song that one immediately popped into my mind…

  2. Perhaps because you know me pretty well by now, Friend — and when I post song videos, they tend to be bouncy classics!

  3. Great song & video, one of these days, I’ll have to post “No Reply At All” on my blog.

  4. I think there actually is some news in this, but Obama’s too… something, to use it. I have wondered why, in the past, when she leaves her chin hanging out there, he doesn’t smack her in it.

    A simple response at the debate might have been something along the lines of; “Yes, a guy characterized as a slum-lord has been a contributor to my campaigns. On the other hand, he’s walking the streets. How many of your past contributors are currently viewing the world from the inside of a cell, Hillary?”

    Begin with Charlie Trie. I think we’re up to eight Clnton contributors in the can, at the moment. And I’ve forgotten how many others suddenly discovered urgent business overseas, causing them to hurriedly leave the country. And not return.

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