Change can be brilliant

For those who hate catch-phrases — especially this election’s catch-phrase of “change” — here’s one for you.  Be sure to watch the whole thing:

Hat tip:  LGF


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  1. Imaginative satire!

    I was hoping to find a place to comment on last night’s Democrat Primary in South Carolina. This is the best recent post to do it…

    The overall vote percentages were: Obama 55%. Clinton 27%. Edwards: 18%.

    In all the breakdowns of the vote, there is one statistic I have not seen stated ANYWHERE yet: Hillary Clinton did NOT win the white vote.

    The racial breakdown in South Carolina is essentially 53% Black, 47% White. Obama received 79% of the Black vote, Clinton 20%, Edwards 1%.

    Now stick with me a bit. To make the math a little more understandable, I’m going to change these numbers slightly. This will affect the results by a very slight amount, but won’t affect the conclusion.

    Let’s go with an even split, for easier math: South Carolina is 50% Black, 50% White. And let’s say Obama got 80% of the black vote, Clinton 20%, Edwards 0%. Easier math.

    Obama’s 55% total then was: 40% Black and 15% White
    Clinton’s 27% total then was: 10% Black and 17% White
    Edward’s 18% total then was: 0% Black and 18% White

    Hillary Clinton did not win the white vote. There is no racial POLARIZATION here. The white vote was split nearly evenly among all three candidates. While you can read a racial preference into the Black totals, you can’t read a POLARIZATION among whites. The Billary gambit – divide South Carolinians by race, turn this into a race war, white vs black – utterly and completely failed.

    Just prior to the primary, Obama led Clinton by about 12% in the polls. The final margin was 28%. The polls were… devastingingly!… wrong again. That’s another big lesson to take from this event.

  2. I’m waiting to see the breakdowns of older Blacks vs younger Blacks, and older Whites vs younger Whites. There may be something very significant there, because I heard that 50% of Whites 30 or younger went for Obama. Extrapolating that out into the rest of the vote shows significant skewing.

    The real race war may very well be between Hispanics and Blacks. That will be clear in the results from Super Tuesday on Feb 5th. I sincerely hope not: I would love to see “playing the race card” be as soundly repudiated across the entire country as it has been in South Carolina.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if – continuing to view results by race – if Whites continued to split evenly, and it was Blacks and Hispanics that totally divided along racial lines. What would the liberals do with those results?

  3. The Audacity of Hope clobbered the politics of personal destruction. Bill’s dismissive comment that Jesse Jackson also won SC was the last straw. Billary is done.

  4. About time. The tawdriness, mendacity and venality of Clinton Inc should have long ago put that enterprise into a political Chapter 7 bankruptcy. To have an ex-President out there in the hustings red-faced and indignant, pumping for the election of his wife/partner/accomplice, in essence subverting the 22nd Amendent , is a travesty, almost surreal. You could not make this stuff up. I’ve said before satire is dead. Reality strangled it.

  5. Sen Ted (Splash) Kennedy to Niece Caroline:

    “.As Coroner , I thoroughly examined her
    And she’s not only merely dead
    She’s really most sincerely dead!”

  6. Ellie: That’s incredibly funny.

  7. The politicians won’t change and DC sure as heck ain’t changing.

    Who do these people think they are conning?

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