Slogans for Democrats *UPDATED*

Okay, this is my third try at this post, because WordPress has eaten the previous two attempts (which accounts for the low level of blogging this morning).

I was listening to Dennis Prager yesterday, and he was fulminating about the calls for “unity” that are echoing through the Democratic side of the spectrum, especially with reference to Obama. As Prager has pointed out before, and as I have blogged about before, “unity” is Democratic code for “agree with me or else.” There is no evidence that the Democrats have any desire to find common ground, and it’s questionable whether there is common ground on such contentious issues as Iraq and abortion. Likewise, the hope that Democrats will “end dogma” is equally laughable. Do the Dems and their sycophants in the media really want to end all fixed doctrine? Fine, I guess we no longer have to hew to such dogmatic ideas as “all people are created equal,” “equal pay for equal work,” or “no taxation without representation.”

Listening to these vapid platitudes, it occurred to me that I could do better — or come up with something at least as good as what’s currently emanating from the Dems. You too should feel free to join in:

“Now more than ever!”

“Peace through harmony!”

“Prosperity through wealth!”

And as you think about those slogans, take a minute to read this Spiegel article proposing a Clinton-Obama ticket for ’08. The author thinks it would be a fantastic ticket, not because of any harmony of ideas or style, but because it would neatly tag all identity politic demographics. It envisions the perfect election cycle for Democrats, where they don’t have to address the issues at all — they can just stand there and be. (What’s really scary is I heard precisely this idea voiced with great approval at my bus stop a couple of months ago. The neighborhood consensus was that this was a ticket they could go for.)

UPDATE:  And here’s an article that perfectly describes the world behind the Democratic slogans.


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  1. After reading the DePaul article, I can suggest another slogan:

    “Arbeit macht frei”

  2. Hello Bookworm,

    I think you’ve hit flush on when you said that with an Hillary-Obama ticket, the Democrats can just be. It doesn’t have anything to do with actually getting anything accomplished. Like the Democratic presidential predecessor, Senator John F. Kerry, being President was more important than doing anything as President.

    I think the 2004 election was a major demarcation in American politics. For the first time in our history, nothing of substance was being proposed. Before 2004, a man ran for President because he had the conviction that he could run the nation better than his opponent. He wanted to do things, he had an idea of where he wanted to take the nation. I challenge readers of this blog to come up with one thing Kerry wanted to do as president.

    In similar fashion, besides raising taxes and subsuming the American Republic into international oversight, what particular are they proposing? Change?

    All this makes one very anxious about our prospects for the future. And rightly so. But with this said, people also said the same thing of FDR. In his day, men accused FDR of being a lightweight as well. They said he was a affluent playboy who spouted all these empty platitudes and that his ideas are as virulent to America as the Nazi’s were to Germany. Indeed, Hitler and FDR rose to power at nearly the same time and the press were drawing parallels between them all the time.

    There is no doubt that FDR’s liberalism tended to have fascistic undertones, as Goldberg pointed out, but you couldn’t accuse him of being a lightweight. He was a juggernaut that rolled over his opposition, and to my recollection he was defeated only a few times, the most salient of which was when he tried to stack the Supreme Court. When he tried to do that, the gray eminence of the Democratic Party in the Senate stood up in debate and called him, “Dictator!” And that pretty much nipped that.

    I don’t know if Obama’s empty platitudes and shameless vote gathering is another repeat of FDR, and I personally don’t want to find out– just as I don’t want to find out if Hillary really meant what she said when she spoke of putting a 1984-esque TV out on public streets and town squares in her book…

    I think we’re in a strange place in time. There is no doubt that we are in a period of change. But the circumstances of an American revival and renaissance would look exactly like a decline of our Republic into Democracy then authoritarian rule.

    These shifts in people and government are not neat tidy events. We all know we have traitors in our midsts, Democratic and Republican, and we have stalwart bastions of patriotism in our midsts as well, Democratic and Republican. Who is who and what is what is for God to decide at this point because I don’t think we can know from the outside appearances.

    This election, I’m just going to vote my conscience like I usually do and hope that America’s days of glory are still before her.

    (Sorry, Bookworm. Your posts have been sparking essays in my lately… : )

  3. Peace through superior firepower.

  4. Doubting Thomas to Thomas the Believer might be unaware that Kerry was one of the first politicians in the 80’s and 90’s to recognize the shadowy underwold of non state actors etc. Some of his ideas would become part of the Patriot Act. Feel the wounds ?

  5. It’s a jungle. Gotta keep the hyenas in check !

  6. Just curious, what’s-up with the seeming preoccupation with all things Democratic here? Democratic “Slogans” … is that what it’s boiled down to over on the right? Funny stuff. You do know that Republican ballot you intent to cast will be wasted this time around, don’t you? There aren’t enough Diebold hackers on earth to steal it this time around. Why not leave the shadows of the dark-side and come out into the light. Its gonna be a few decades before your side gets it back ya know. 😉 Ya got nuttin’ … zip, zelch, zero,nada.

    Cheers & Beers!

  7. Fascinating, DA. First, I’m a neocon, and I’ll never go back. Second, you didn’t include any substantive reasons to vote for Democrats. You just did the usual, dare I say it?, banal, negative platitudes. And that was kind of my whole point about the problems with the Democratic party.

  8. DA,
    No vote is ever wasted. NEVER. I don’t have my life on the line for votes, even ones that I dislike, to “not count”.
    Don’t blame your losses on hackers and conspiracy; there weren’t enough Diebold machines to make that significant of a dent. Read the damn reports and get informed. Besides, Diebold machines were pushed by DEMOCRATIC officials for use before the final testing phases; something about confusing ballots (that had worked fine for over three decades). Ballots designed in a Democratic district by a Democratic election official.
    Light side/Dark side. Pfft. You want the light side? Go live in a monastery – no passion, no love, no marriage or sex, no money or economy, just ascetic living and contemplating your navel. You don’t even get to score the cute Jedi chicks – read the canon about abstinence. I’ll take love, hate, pain, lust, joy, and all the rest. Good and bad; I’m a human being. If that means I’m on the dark side, so be it. I’ll keep protecting your little ideal world from reality all the same. Besides, everyone knows Jedi can’t count – “Prophecied one to bring balance to the force.” You have hundreds of Jedi – they have TWO Sith. If you are winning, balance is BAD! End of war – two Jedi, two Sith. Balanced. Math; a Jedi needs not this worldly skill.
    ‘Nuff making fun of the momma’s basement troll (Trollus subteraneous mochius pizza); I have some work to get back to doing.
    SGT Dave – “This here is my boomstick of zombie smiting, plus ten.”

  9. Cries of voter fraud were missing from the 2006 mid term election. Gee, I wonder why?

  10. Vote Democrat

    Because you’re just too stupid to run your own life.

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