What happens when the OTHER wall breaks

You and I never lost track of the fact that, even as Israel was being castigated for building a wall between herself and those who would blow her up, Egypt sat complacently behind a wall separating herself from the same people. It popped into the news a couple of times when smallish breaches occurred, but now it’s really made the headlines:

Tens of thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt from Gaza Wednesday after masked gunmen used land mines to blast down a seven-mile barrier dividing the border town of Rafah.

Men and women walked unhindered or rode in donkey carts over the toppled corrugated metal along sections of the barrier, carrying goats, chickens and crates of Coca-Cola. Some brought back televisions, car tires and cigarettes and one man even bought a motorcycle. Vendors sold soft drinks and baked goods to the crowds.

They were stocking up on goods made scarce by an Israeli blockade of their impoverished territory since last week and within hours, shops on the Egyptian side of the divided border town of Rafah had run out of stock.

As you can see, most people didn’t go there to blend into the Egyptian population and vanish, they went there to shop: which tells you that the Egyptians, had they wanted to, probably could have made this stuff available to the Gazans all along. They didn’t for the same reason that has seen Arab nations, for 60 years, allow Palestinians to rot in the terroritories — they don’t give a flying whatsit about the Palestinians well-being; they care only about their being a perpetual festering sore keeping Israel visible as the bad guy to the rest of the world.


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  1. Like American shoppers after Thanksgiving. Dangerous !

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  3. Now this is probably a dumb question, but:

    If the Pals need to buy stuff, and evidently have some cash to buy it with, why are the Egyptians keeping them out? Sure, geopolitical symbol of yadda yadda yadda, but you’d think principles like that would give way to actually MAKING MONEY.

  4. Maybe they brought back one pack of cigarettes (roll your own) ,one TV(black and white), a set of car tires (all four bald) and the motorcycle was really a non motorized scooter ( the one you balance on and push with one leg). You will have more than just these walls coming down with the sanctions and the rockets flying everywhere if the Muslim Brotherhood has anything to do with it ! Besides money is not everything for some !

  5. Excellent point, Bookworm. I was thinking something similar this morning when I heard the news.

    Any wretchedness that has befallen the Palestinians is due to themselves and their “Arab-brethen.”

    Still, I can’t help but be amazed as to why more in the media aren’t willing to do stories on how Arabs feel about Palestinians – it’s common knowledge that there isn’t a whole lot of love lost but it is never, ever talked about in the news.

  6. Keep the money going to Mubarak and the Egyptiians will continue to dislike the Palestinians well at least pretend so .

  7. It looks as though Israel’s response to this is “Egypt, Gaza is yours. We no longer have any interest in controlling it. YOU control it now. Thank you.”

    Very interesting.

    The Palestinians will have no reason to stay in Gaza when they can live more comfortably in Egypt. Egypt, already battling the Muslim Brotherhood, will crack down on their new dissidents, VERY brutally. They’ll have no choice.

    Gaza, emptied, will have fewer civilians for Israel to worry about as they predators fire their rockets into Israel. Israel can retaliate much more easily. Will Egypt care? Of course not.

  8. @Trimegistus: The wall was erected by agreement with Israel and the US. In order for Egypt to receive it’s foreign aid welfare check, Israel persuaded the US to stipulate that Egypt build this wall and take measure to ensure that no arms or trade of any sort be permitted across this border without the express permission of Israel.

  9. The Egyptians could not have traded with the Palestinbians in Gaza without fear of losing their welfare check from the USA. Also, if such trade were allowed to occur it would have made the Israeli siege ineffective. For a blockade to work, Israel needs to be able to enforce a complete stranglehold, allowing only those goods that Israel chooses to allow to pass thru.

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