Fred Thompson

It’s not surprising that Fred has dropped out. Even though conservatives purists rightly liked him, he just never caught fire. As you may have gathered from my posts, he never worked for me either. His folksy charm passed me by entirely, and while I agreed with his stand on issues and his thoughtful take on myriad important subjects, I found him a dull, ponderous speaker — which would have been death on the national campaign trail, especially if he was facing Obama, the man annointed as the “powerful orator” (although I find him dull and and vapid). I can still see Fred being a powerful vice-presidential candidate, so I hope he doesn’t vanish from the scene entirely.

UPDATE:  Pardon me.  Obama is not a “powerful orator.”  How silly of me.  He’s “profoundly eloquent.”  So many things just seem to pass me by.


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  1. Following the results in SC, Fred said on TV after his thank you speech that he was going home to Tenn because his mother was ill. He very pointedly did not announce his withdrawal then. I think his withdrawal now is strategic — ready in case of a brokered convention, but not tainted overly by a “loser “aroma.

    And the right thing for him to do for his family. I wish him well.

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  3. Fred would be a great VP. If McCain is the nominee, Fred would add solid conservative credentials to the ticket and be positioned to advance an agenda on the Hill. Although Fred could work as well for Romney, I wonder if McCain might not be a stronger match for Mitt. McCain would bring the military and foreign relations background that Mitt lacks.

  4. I find Obama puerile at best, beyond description most of the time.

    I doubt there’s a way in the world Thompson would subordinate to McCain. He has fundamental beliefs – they happen to be conservative – which McCain does not.

    McCain has been a huge obstruction to the advancement of a conservative – or even a Republican – agenda over the last dozen years, and I suspect he’s going nowhere in the long run, either.

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  6. Hello Bookworm,

    You know, Miss Bookworm, the fact that Fred Thompson didn’t catch fire is an understatement. In fact, he actively avoided the fire. How many politicians do you know wouldn’t even show up for an endorsement? One of the most important conservative groups bequeathed him an endorsement (an Abortion Rights group) and he didn’t even bother to show up. He sent one of his functionaries to accept the endorsement.

    Fred never caught fire because up until the very last moment, he never fought for it. One of his campaign chairmen said he worked only four hours a day. (He might have been active doing other things for his campaign, like paperwork, fund raising, strategizing, etc., but four hours isn’t enough to win the office.)

  7. Reminds me of Bob Dole, Thomas. I had been a big supporter of Dole up until he ran for President. Then, he acted as if the nomination was owed to him but really didn’t show much fire about winning the election. I had the feeling that he just wanted to be the parade marshal. Given that his desultory campaigning got us Bill Clinton II, I could never quite respect him, after that. Ditto for Fred Thompson.

  8. Thomas’s and Danny’s comments also provide the implication that the wrong people win the nomination precisely because they have no other life, interest, or ambition.

  9. I think the phrase you may be looking for, Book, is “powerful demagogue”.

  10. We have Hilary “The Hldebeast aka the Vulture’ Clinton, Barrack ” The Bambi deer caught in the headlights” Obama aka the Turkey, we have John ” I’m not crazy” McCain aka as the Hawk, we have Mitt “‘The to good to be true,hair,values,money,smile,family ” Romney aka as the Mockingbird. The Mockingbird said something similar to this persons speech” Never before in our history have Americans been called upon to face three grave threats to our very existence ‘spending too much,danger from Soviet communism,and maintaining an unhealthy dependence on foreign oil” (Reagan,July,1980). The Mockingbird said something similar in 2006 about Jihadists,overspending and using too much oil. Of course there is always Rudy’the cock of the walk bantam rooster’ Guilani aka as the Chickenhawk ! My money is on the Mockingbird. With my powerful endorsement of Mitt it will be sure to sway all ! ps there is no need for me to explain the monikers Vulture,Chickenhawk,Turkey and Hawk. Like someone said America is going to the birds !

  11. And now Duncan throws his support to the Huckster!

    Methinks we are seeing the beginnings of the “anyone but McCain” movement. Interesting that Duncan — Mr “Build That Fence!” — chose the Huckster over Romney. Don’t get that choice at all …….

  12. Ellie, I voted for Giuliani last week in early primary voting even though I had to register from IND to R to participate in the Florida primary system. I got the feeling we’ll both be crying in our beer or beverage of choice before the end of February.

  13. Z, I also had to change my registration to vote 2/5 — in my case from D to R (but don’t tell anyone).

    The media is really beginning to make me mad.
    This AM I heard on a NYC radio station that “the ‘highly regarded’ former Senior Senator from NY, Al D’Amato, has endorsed Sen McCain.”

    The reason I nearly chocked is that the NY media DESPISED, REALLY, REALLY, DISPISED Al D’Amato when he was in office!

    I am going to pray and to trust the American people to see through this “MSM Campaigning” and vote their convictions at least until 2/5 .

    I’m way past the “everybody’s doing it” stage of decision-making and can only keep telling people you don’t win the game by guessing the winner, you win by making the winner.

  14. I trust that Romney has enough sense to stay as far from McCain as he possibly can.

    What politician would want McCain at his back? It would be almost as bad as having Bill Clinton out there as your surrogate. In other words, an out of control “maverick” who is adored by the media and who is running his own agenda.

    My Navy loyalty does not stretch far enough to see McCain any where close to the oval office in any role. He got a lot of mileage out of his legitimate Viet Nam suffering. Now it is past time for him to retire.

    As for Thompson as a running mate; I simply ask,
    why? Yesterday’s news.

    Mitt’s my man.

  15. I agree with you. Why not hold some sort of contest for your readers?

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