Being prepared

This morning, in the wake of revelations that news organizations had begun putting together obits for some of the harder living young stars, I read a story saying that there was some debate about this practice.

But now the news that the Associated Press has prepared an obituary for 26-year-old Britney Spears has put the spotlight on a debate within the business of reporting death: With people grabbing the celebrity spotlight at a younger age, and some of them living lives of obviously dangerous excess, is it time for news organizations to begin preparing for early exits from celebritydom’s under-30 crowd?

Apparently the answer to that last question is yes. The news just hit that Heath Ledger, who got wide recognition for his role Brokeback Motion Mountain, was found dead, presumably of a drug overdose. I can’t speak to his talent, since I thought that Brokeback, the only movie in which I’ve seen him in, was a schlock romance that was elevated to meaningful status only because it was a schlock gay romance, rather than a schlock straight romance. However, the death of anyone at 28, especially from something as pointless as a drug overdose, is a tragedy, pure and simple, and I extend my sincerest condolences to his friends and family.

UPDATE:  Thanks, EssEm.  My typing and proofreading skills are degrading by the minute, although I found this latest typo more amusing than anything else!


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  1. Brokeback Mountain.

  2. Hello Bookworm,

    I’ve seen a few of Heath Ledger’s movies. Some were pretty good to decent; others were pretty bad. Regardless of his movie choices, he had lots of potential to be a really fine actor, perhaps given time even a great one. Sadly, he didn’t make it. It seems like so many of our “stars” have the decked stacked against them making it into a sane, rational life.

    What a tragedy…

  3. The very definition of a Freudian slip, Book. Where your fingers pick up what you are really thinking, instead of what you planned to write.

    Motion, emotion, it is all very similar to the fingers.

  4. This is also pretty funny.

    To elaborate on what I mean with Freudian slip, you may have been thinking of romance, which lead to the brain picking up emotion and then your fingers were dealing with two words. Emotion and mountain, resulting in motion.

  5. YOU haven’t seen the movie THE PATRIOT shown in the year 2000 starring Mel (I used to be bad boy handsome rich Catholic turned bad boy carousing drunk again and well you know the rest of the story a year ago) Gibson and Heath Ledger and YOU CALL YOURSELF A PATRIOTIC AMERICAN. Now go rent that movie it is so 9/11 now .”What would you do if they destroyed your home,threatened your family ? Where would you draw the line ” ? Now get with it !!

  6. Hell’s bells fellas! What’s new about this?

    I worked for CBc RadioCanada in the early 70’s, and a ubiquitos question to every interviewee was “How would you like to be remembered?” which usually resulted in discussions about and attitudes toward death.

    We would then snip out and archive these bits and hope fervently that our interviewee died soon enough that we would have a still relevant scoop! On air within hours of hearing the news, and way before the obits! Vultures we were; maggots we became!

    A friend of mine had to wait nearly 30 years to cash in on Vonnegut; Mailer’s death was devoutly to be wished for by at least two “freelancers”; hey, it wasn’t ghoulish; it was insurance for the future!

  7. You are so Bachman Turner Overdrive Canadian right on “Taking care of business and working overtime” ! And may I add “the girls trying to look so pretty” !

  8. Hate to tell you this, Book, but swamp is incapable of calming down.

  9. II’s called a pulse Y. Get one ! Hey we could call you the Fred Thompson of Book’s blog !! What a little whiney tatty taler you are. “Oh Book he won’t calm down and worship my thoughts waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh” says Y

  10. Hey even better Y Freddie dropped out hint hint !

  11. You have got to be kidding yourself, S.

  12. Hey, y’all! Enough already. I’ll have to go into total Mom mode in a moment and shut down this comment string entirely!

  13. Well, anyway – it isn’t just the young stars. Pretty much the minute anyone becomes anyone, the newspapers will start putting the obit together. Everybody in public life from George W. Bush to, yes, Brittney Spears has an obit already done and awaiting only the last-minute insertion of cause and time.

    This has been going on, oh… only since the beginning of newspapers.

  14. Y starts it. Censor him Book. Give him detention for a week !!

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