What to expect from a Hillary White House

I meant to blog about this last week and never got around to it, “this” being the fact that Judicial Watch finally obtained just a few of the 3 million pages of hidden documents related to Hillary’s ill-fated attempt to nationalize health care.  Actually, I wasn’t going to blog at all.  Instead, I was going to send you to the Captain’s Quarters to see what he had to say on the subject.  Given Hillary’s pattern and practice over the decades, what is revealed probably won’t surprise you too much:  rather than allow a debate on the merits, Hillary and her minions were trying to figure out ways to use the federal government to smear opponents so that they would be afraid or unable to challenge the task force’s recommendations.  So, in a way, it’s not news, it’s just more of the same.

What is a bit more newsworthy, and it’s something the Captain blogs about this week, is the fact that the MSM has resolutely ignored these documents.  Considering that she is the Democratic front runner today,  and that there has actually emerged a White House record on which she can run (since she’s boasted about her White House experience), one might think the press would be interested.  And if one thought that, one might be wrong.  Here’s a very upset Captain on the problem with our Fourth Estate:

Where are the media organizations that style themselves as the bulwark against governmental abuses of power? Why haven’t they reported on these memos, which clearly delineate a type of attack on government opposition that hasn’t been this baldly proposed since the Nixon administration? Given Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the presidency — one on which she relies on her experience in her husband’s administration for her qualifications — isn’t all of this terribly relevant to the question of how she will run the White House, and what kind of treatment her critics can expect to receive?

The silence from the Fourth Estate is deafening. It screams either cowardice or collaboration.


7 Responses

  1. “The silence from the Fourth Estate is deafening. It screams either cowardice or collaboration.”

    It’s not as if these two motives are mutually exclusive.

  2. Well, if they can get hold of the papers from Cheney’s confab with oil companies, those’ll come out, right?

    So the fourth estate will only look 50% crappy – that’s what they’re counting on.

  3. But there’s hope. Have a look at this piece on American Thinker:


  4. The documents themselves are a very useful reminder of what the Clinton White House was like and the lengths to which the Clintons will go to pass their socialist agenda. Saul Alinsky would be pleased.

    We are facing a ruthless and determined enemy, my friends. It will not do to underestimate them. We are going to have to work and work very hard to prevent another Clinton administration.

    And in doing so, those of us of the male persuasion need to heed Kathleen Parker’s admonition:


    Beware of the Clintons’ skill at playing the victim card.

  5. I’m sure Senator Clinton has learned a great deal since that unfortunate experience with health care. This time around, there won’t be any incriminating memos extant.

  6. The media is campaigning, pls keep that in mind as you hear reports of polls, “who’s in who’s out, who’s up, who’s down” etc. As Ann Coulter pointed out , you should be suspicious of anyone the MSM likes and take a closer look at who they are ignoring — or declaring dead.

    Hint to anyone in Florida: vote for Rudy or Fred or Mitt and spit in the MSM’s eye!

  7. It’s funny that people should mention courage.

    “Self-control is the chief element in self-respect, and self-respect is the chief element in courage”Thucydides

    Does the Left really respect humanity, themselves, or their home culture?

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