Protecting our nation

Having diagnosed the problem — a wave of violent crime committed by out-of-control journalists — Iowahawk has started working towards a solution with the first weapon available: Posters!


12 Responses

  1. Talk about counter the media’s propaganda.

  2. Fantastic! I’d march with those.

  3. 2008.01.22 Politics and National Defense Roundup

    This post will grow as the day goes on. Don’t forget to check back later. Today’s worthy links: A Relatively Scientific Experiment The Media Violence Project (H/T) Misfire at Justice Fred Barnes: Now McCain Must Convince The Right Robert Tracinski: W…

  4. Great idea while you do the journalists I will work on the CEO’s of corporate America. Hmm . . who could I use in my poster . . oh yeah I will start with Ken Lay Enron . Oh what the heck I can do another poster at the same time . . let me see . . uh huh . . Republicans in Congress . . hm . . oh yeah I will start with Larry Craig . This is fun !!! Sadly for some “Truth matters little in the world of ideas “. Shall we share our work or would that be too co-operative ?

  5. Swamgacreage:

    You couldn’t have possibly done a better job of missing the whole point!

  6. Nothing difficult in making posters ! Need some help ? You take some paper and get a pencil . . .

  7. Swamp gas doesn’t have points, let alone a point, Rob.

  8. Unlike Y’s pointy head !

  9. Yeah yeah I know Y your comeback will be” I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I”. You’re such a wordsmith .

  10. Boys! Calm down!

  11. I’m not a boy. I’m hurt but I’m over it !

  12. I’m just disagreeing with Rob, concerning how you can’t miss a point if you have never had a point.

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