They’ve liked me, they’ve really liked me!

Where does the time go? I’ve meant since Friday to post about the winner’s of last week’s Watcher’s vote, and here it is Sunday afternoon and I’m only just getting around to it. Say what you will, but you can’t describe me as someone who’s on the ball.

Here are the winners, none of whom include me (showing good sense on the part of Council members, since my submission wasn’t once of my better posts).

One the Council side, win, place and show are:

Votes Council link
4  2/3 Ed. Schools: They’re Awful (for the most part)
The Colossus of Rhodey
1  1/3 The Race Card, Liberal Guilt and Our Next President
Wolf Howling
1 500,000 Iraqis Did Not Die
Cheat Seeking Missiles
1 Paul of Mises; or How the New Republic Bewitches the Right
Big Lizards

Incidentally, my votes precisely tracked the two top winners.  Since you are familiar with my frequent fulminations about public school education, you can appreciate how much I enjoyed the Colossus of Rhodey’s lengthy post about the meaninglessness of education schools (especially since it paralleled nicely a point I made here).  As for Wolf Howling, the title of the post tells you everything you need to know — and not only do I agree with the content, I love the way it’s written.

On the non-Council side, win and place are:

Votes Non-council link
5  1/3 Kangaroo Court
Ezra Levant
1 Ashamed to be Canadian!
Covenant Zone
1 Barack Obama — I’m Sure We’ve Seen Him Somewhere Before
Guardian Unlimited
1 The Media Does It Again
Winds of Change

Again, I voted for the winner, in which Ezra Levant writes about his Kafka-esque experiences before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.   Actually, “Ashamed to be Canadian” is about precisely the same thing.  If I remember correctly, I also voted for the Guardian’s rumination about Obama, which nicely tracks on my own sense that Obama is a rather boring, stuffed shirt.  That’s a sentiment I can support.

At this point I bet you’re wondering about my post title, since I clearly didn’t win this week.  However, my fellow Council members have been kind enough to look with favor on several of my posts, so much so that, for 2007, I managed to place an overall second in points on the Council side:

With a new year upon us, it’s time to look back at the Watcher’s Council weekly voting results for all of 2007.  And, just as I did the last time around, I’ve decided to keep a running tally of votes for each blog that won (or tied for first place) on any given week…  I could have kept track of all the vote-getters instead of just adding up the winners, but such a list would have been enormous and taken forever to compile.  Anyway, the leading winner in the council category was Big Lizards, and the leading non-council winner was Michael Yon.  Huzzah and kudos!  Here is the list of all the weekly winners for 2007:

Votes Council link
29 Big Lizards
25 + 1/3 Bookworm Room
22 Right Wing Nut House
17 + 2/3 Joshuapundit
13 Done With Mirrors
7 + 1/3 The Colossus of Rhodey
6 + 2/3 Eternity Road
6 Soccer Dad
6 Cheat Seeking Missiles
4 + 2/3 American Future
4 + 1/3 Wolf Howling
2 Rhymes With Right
1 + 2/3 ‘Okie’ on the Lam

I’m sure you won’t be surprised to learn that Michael Yon won hands down on the non-Council side.

So, while this definitely wasn’t my week, I still feel amply rewarded for the very real pleasure of being able to contribute to and participate in the Watcher’s Council.


3 Responses

  1. Congratulations, BW…..

    Honestly, I have NO idea what all of that is about, but it’s plain that you have been recognized for quality, and I can certainly applaud the good taste of those who decided that you deserved it.

    Keep it up – I read your stuff far more often than I comment.

  2. Thank you, Earl!

  3. Ezra Levant has both a powerful set of oration skills as well as nice speech writing skills. It’s hard for such a combination to exist, since people like Reagan are very rare in all fields of life.

    Go here for the youtube video of this guy’s opening remark.


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