More fake but accurate — this time from Israel *UPDATED*

In one of my recent posts fawning over Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism: The Secret History of the American Left, From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning, I mentioned his discussion about the fascistic love for the “fake but accurate” approach to “truth.” Thus,

As the cross-burning incident at Cornell demonstrated, this preference for arousing passions at the expense of truth and reason defined the agenda for those fighting in [the 1960s Leftist] trenches. The practice of “lying for justice” — always acceptable on the communist left — was infused into the American New Left with potency. The catch-phrase at the Columbia uprising was “the issue is not the issue.” No wonder, since the actual “issue” — building a gym in adjacent Harlem — was such small beer. For most of the activists, deceit wasn’t the point. The point was passion, mobilization, action. As one SDS member proclaimed after he and his colleagues seized a building and kidnapped a dean, “We’ve got something going on here and now we’ve just got to find out what it is.” (p. 179.)

Apparently — and unsurprisingly — this viewpoint isn’t limited to the American left, but arises wherever there is a left. Thus, at Augean Stables, Richard Landes describes giving a speech to Israelis about the false Muhammed al-Durah video:

I recently gave a talk at a conference on Media and Ethics in Jerusalem, where I presented the case against Enderlin’s version of the Muhammad al Durah story. Apparently, the presentation was relatively convincing since one of the first criticisms I immediately received from a prominent Israeli professor of communications was: “So what? According to reliable statistics, the Israeli army has killed over 800 Palestinian children since the second Intifada. So what difference does it make if this case is staged or not?” His intervention was followed by a round of applause from about a third of the 200-some person audience.

Israel is not going to be murdered. With the help of her own leftists, using Hamas as its instrument of choice, she’s going to commit assisted suicide.

UPDATE: Melanie Phillips elaborates on Israeli suicide, and its roots in the false history promulgated about Israel on the left (often by Israel’s own leftists).  Sadly, those who can no longer buy the leftist view seem to have settled for a type of apathetic nihilism (which may explain why Israeli voters can’t rouse themselves to get rid of Olmert).  My cousin, an incredibly smart sabra who still lives in Israel, admits that she is no longer a leftist (which was the default political position for Israel’s educated class when she was a girl in the 1950s).  Now, she says, “I support them all.  One of them might have an idea.”


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  1. So what if the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a fraud? We all know that the Jews run the banks and the courts and academia and the communications and entertainment industry as well as holding the US government hostage to their Israeli agenda. This is obviously the truth, so what difference does it make if the Protocols are a forgery?

    Of all the leftliberals in the world, the Israelis are the most disturbing to me. The people who would eat them for lunch without a second thought and have their children for dessert are living basically right across the street….and still they cannot see what is literally right in front of them.

  2. BTW, for those who sometimes find it hard to pick up sarcasm from the written word, EssEm is being sarcastic in the first paragraph — that is, knowing him, he doesn’t agree with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, but he wants to make the point that the Israeli left, by falling in the “fake but accurate” mantra, is playing into the hands of the same people who say the Protocols is “fake but accurate.” He is, of course, absolutely right in making that point.

  3. Thanks for the (accurate) framing, Bookworm.

    My sarcastic mouth has gotten me into unintended trouble more than once!

    I’ m just your standard Zionist Crusader nice guy, really.

    See, there I go again! :-))

  4. Israel is not going to be murdered. With the help of her own leftists, using Hamas as its instrument of choice, she’s going to commit assisted suicide.

    This is what happens when you lose the desire to kill and slaughter your enemies. Sure, you can make mistakes, but that’s life. It’s death where things are certain and peaceful, Book. And Israel has always wanted peace, perhaps too much at the very end.

  5. Historically, the reason why the Jews were always blamed and hunted down is because the Jews actually wanted to co-exist with people, but not to the point of assimilation. That created situations in which people could look at the Jews as a sort of outsider, because the Jews do not war for conquest or any other such things of that nature. This ensured that Jewish culture, religion, and identity, all packed into one thing called Jewishness, survived these thousands of years. But it also ensured that the Jews would become the prefered target of dictators and nations that needed an external enemy to beat on and gain a short and victorious war.

    Jews don’t practice total war at all. Compare this with Europeans who practiced Total War and Limited War and sucked at both. Then we have the Americans, with their Americanized Total War that brought peace, stability, liberty, and prosperity to the world. With Limited Wars eroding all of the above.

  6. Ymarsakar illustrates the peaceful perspective of Jews and the antagonistic perspective of Islamofascists around the world. Jews create distinctively Jewish communities within the context of the larger local culture, and not only co-exist with that culture, but greatly contribute to it. Islamofascists isolate themselves, and riot when “insulted”. And the galling part is, many of the governments castigate the cooperative Jews, and kowtow to the violent Islamofascists.
    The cowardly behavior of the British institutions and others toward the Islamofascists, fueled by the culturally suicidal perspective of multiculturalism, has got to be changed.
    Pride in constructive success is not sinful.

  7. If Israel commits suicide I will let out a giant cheer. The racist vision of a Jewish state needs to give way to a civilized one state democracy where everyone has an equal vote, both Palestinian & Jew. No more refugees either. They get to become citizens in their former Apartheid state.

    Maybe we should disarm Israel except for a few outdated Kalashnikov’s and kassam rockets. Then lets equip the Palestian with a fleet of Merkave tanks and D9 bulldozers to start leveling Israeli towns and start erecting settlements in Israel.

    How much do you want to bet the Israelis will turn into terrorists then?

    Americans do not think of themselves or of Israel as terrorist states, but the evidence is complete and overwhelming. Thanks to the power of the Israel Lobby, Americans only know the Israeli side of the story, which is that evil anti-Semite Palestinians will not let blameless Israelis live in peace and persist in their unjustified terror attacks on an innocent Israeli state.

    The facts differ remarkably from Israel Lobby propaganda. Israel illegally occupies Palestine. Israel sends bulldozers into Palestinian villages and knocks down Palestinian houses, occasionally killing an American protester in the process, and uproots Palestinian olive groves. Israel cuts Palestinian villages off from water, hospitals, farmlands, employment and schools. Israel builds special roads through Palestine on which only Israelis can travel. Israel establishes checkpoints everywhere to hinder Palestinian movement to hospitals, schools and from one enclave or ghetto to another. Many Palestinians die from the inability to get through checkpoints to medical care. Israel builds illegal settlements on Palestinian lands. Israeli Zionist “settlers” take it upon themselves to evict Palestinians from their villages and towns in order to convert them into Israeli settlements. A huge wall has been built to wall off the stolen Palestinian lands from the remaining isolated ghettos. Israeli soldiers shoot down Palestinian children in the streets. So do Israeli Zionist “settlers.”

    All of this has been documented so many times by so many organizations that it is pathetic that Americans are so ignorant. For example, Israeli peace groups such as Gush Shalom or Jeff Halper’s Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions provide abundant documentation of Israel’s theft of Palestine and persecution of Palestinians.

    Every time the UN passes a resolution condemning Israel for its crimes, the US vetoes it.

    The Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees’ film, “The Iron Wall”, reveals the enormity of Israel’s crimes against Palestine.

    President Jimmy Carter, Israel’s friend, tried to bring peace to the Middle East but was frustrated by Israel. Carter was demonized by the Israel Lobby for calling, truthfully, the situation that Israel has created “apartheid.”

    Historians, including Israel’s finest, such as Ilan Pappe, have documented The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, the title of Pappe’s book published in 2006.

    Israelis, such as Uri Avnery, a former member of Israel’s Knesset, are stronger critics of Israel’s policies toward Palestine than can be found in America. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz is more outspoken in its criticism of Israeli policies than any newspaper would dare to be in North America or Europe.

    But it is all to no avail in brainwashed America where Israelis wear white hats and Arabs wear black hats.

    The ignorance of Americans commits US foreign policy to the service of Israel. As Uri Avnery wrote in CounterPunch (January 14, 2008), a visitor from another planet, attending the recent press conference in Jerusalem, would conclude that Olmert is the leader of the superpower and that Bush is his vassal.

    Americans don’t know what terror is. To know terror, you have to be a Palestinian.

  8. In Israel, the real issue is the struggle between Orthodox Jews and secular Jews. The Palestinians are just a straw man in this war over the identity of Israel.

    For secular Leftists, there is only one option – Israel remains secular and Leftist. If not, as far as they are concerned, Israel can be destroyed completely – they could not care less.

    Having established this country they are also perfectly willing to destroy it – after all, it is “theirs”.

    In this light, Israel’s behavior towards the Palestinians makes much more sense.

    what is dismaying is that very few Israelis realize the extent to which the ruling elite is betraying them. Until that changes, there will be no change.

  9. The two comments above are an example of what happens when you are around too much lead and mercury.

  10. Here is an unpleasant truth: The civilization or culture that DESERVES to eternally survive does not exist. Only in its strengths – which are really the strengths of its people – does it survive and prosper.

    When the people fall into bad philosophies, or nihilism, or ennui, that culture or civilization will inevitably decay. It will either fade away or come under an attack that it cannot resist, and violently disappear.

    That is why it is encouraging to see some of us stand up and cry out, “No! We will go softly into that eternal night!”

  11. Freudian slip!?!? Subconscious resignation?

    Of course I *meant* to say, “We will NOT go softly into that enternal night!”

  12. not is just a word that is easy for your fingers to skip since your mind is usually focused on the larger sentence structure and meaning, while “not” is an inversion of the meaning that is easy to overlook.

  13. I’ll exclude satiricohen, from my previous comment, if only because it’s not clear what he believes.

  14. I just reported what I have seen and heard from the ruling elite in Israel. I have heard this in private and also in public.There is certainly no lack of evidence.

    It is also obvious that the Left does not care for the Palestinians one whit, or else they would stop giving them weapons and maybe start giving them , I don’t know – an education? Agricultural tools? Something to take their mind off of killing everybody who disagrees with them (which includes Arabs as well as Jews).

    What does it matter what I believe?

  15. It’s not really a struggle between Left/secular and Right/religious Israelis – but a slow self-immolation by secular Zionists, who have lost any self-justification. They really don’t have any positive, competing vision for Israel any more. Disconnected from their Jewish roots, they have no rationale for Israel’s continued existence.

    The policy you see is a result of a highly combustible mixture – despair at the failure of socialism and the dissolution of secular Jewish identity even as Israel succeeds materially – combined with fury that the religious Jews who were supposed to be dinosaurs are in fact flourishing and have no problem articulating a vibrant national reason for being.

    If half the anger, violence, and police action that have been directed at the religious right were directed at our external, Arab enemies – we’d have squashed terrorism long ago.

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