More Abba *UPDATED*

I’m working, so I can’t write. I therefore thought I’d give you another old Abba video, Head over Heels. It appeals to me on three levels: I like the 80s Abba disco beat; I like how frantic it is, which seems to catch the pulse of my own life (although the only frantic shopping I do is grocery shopping, and I never drag my man around anywhere); and I love the truly hideous early 80s looks the gals are wearing (and I did own a pair of pants precisely like those Agnetha is wearing):

UPDATE:  BTW, if you’re looking for the quality, informed, intellectual reading I’m patently incapable of providing today, I can’t recommend more than that you check out this week’s offerings at the Watcher’s Council.  Some weeks are stronger than others, and this is one of the best.   Then, tomorrow, you can check out the Watcher of Weasels and see if you would have ranked the posts in the same way Council members did.


One Response

  1. So cool the 80’s , like the multi-colored hair with the pony tail on the side of the head look. And a two-by-four running through the nose with a heavy metal chain around the neck(you know the ones you tow a car with) ! Of course they gotta have that big hair look capped off with awesome large earings !!! ROFLAO.

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