Obama, Israel and the Jews

If you’re a liberal Jewish voter, and tremendously excited about Obama’s candidacy as the fulfillment of the civil rights movement, slow down, Pardner.  Jews have always assumed that, because they supported the civil rights movement with enthusiasm and hard work, there would be a quid pro quo by which blacks, recognizing Jews as fellow victims, would be equally supportive of Jewish issues.  Jews have held to this viewpoint despite regularly occurring proof of the fact that African-Americans, perhaps resentful of having to share the “victim” limelight with the Jews, are not supportive of Jews or Jewish causes.  Nowhere is this more apparent than in Obama himself, a man who has aligned himself with anti-Semitic churches and causes his entire adult life.  If you think this will change when he reaches the White House, I would suggest that you think again.  And if you believe that Israel, a small island of democracy surrounded by hostile tyrannical nations should exist without anyone questioning her legitimacy, you may not want to vote for Obama.  (Of course, if Israel’s security matters to you, you also might want to rethink any vote for Hillary, either — not just because she mouths the usual liberal pieties about a Palestinian state, but because she kissed Suha Arafat immediately after the latter spouted vicious antisemitic lies.)


3 Responses

  1. All black churches are anti-semitc and so are the nation of Islam mosques. Black’s can’t get over the feeling that they’ve been had by the promoters of the civil rights movement. A lot of people think Obama will stick up for Israel because of his speeches at AIPAC and the Herlizya conference. My guess is that if he’s elected he’ll take all that Jewish money, say “see ya”, and sell Jews down the river.

    I don’t trust Romney either. He may have been close friends and business associates with Ben Netanyahoo but Mormons can’t be trusted either. All they want to do is proselytize and spread their money grubbing faith.

  2. Also look at this. A republican congressman in bed with al Qaeda:

  3. Just can’t vote for a person who won’t remain loyal to Israel. God is no friend to the nation who is not a friend to His people and His nation –

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