Yay, Mitt!

As you know, I like Mitt and think he would make a better president — and certainly a better president than either Huck or McCain. I was therefore very pleased with the outcome in Michigan. It doesn’t mean he wins, but it also means that it’s not over yet — as, sadly, I think it may be for Giuliani or Thompson, two other good candidates — and certainly better, I think, than either Huck or McCain.

BTW, Richard Baehr, who understands these things better than I do, thinks this outcome is good for Giuliani.


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  1. I was happy about the outcome tonight also because I’m still a Mitt supporter. However, Steven M. Warshawsky was pretty pursuasive in his American Thinker essay on 1/13 that the strongest candidate on the R side is Giuliani. He pleads his case step by step through war on terror, economy, immigration, health care, and supreme court and comes up w/a final scorecard favoring Rudy. But I tend to think Romney would be stronger against militant Islam than Warshawsky does.

  2. I like lots of things about Mitt Romney – my only real concern is that he’s too fascinated with management, and will end up a bit too much like James Earl Carter…..I can only pray that it’s not so!

    I think that Fred Thompson is a more genuine, consistent, and continuing conservative…..perhaps if he can beat Huckabee in S.C. he’ll emerge as something other than a shadow on the fringes of the Republican primary.

    It’s always interesting – think of it as entertainment, and enjoy the show!

  3. to: Marguerite
    “the strongest candidate on the R side is Giuliani.”
    are you sure who will be Giulian’s supreme court appointees? I am not . he is unpredictable.
    to Earl,
    “how do you think is Romney/Thompson ticket possible?

  4. I agree with Baehr. If McCain had two wins going into Florida, the rest of the field would have a much harder time, especially Rudy. Of course, the MSM would play up McCain like the saviour of the Republican Party, moving away from the mean, secretive, incompetent GWB. And then they would fry McCain in the general election.
    I do not think McCain is electable or competent. I feel more conservatives would vote for Rudy than McCain. But then my glasses are not always clean either.

  5. I appreciate and would easily vote for any of the four of Romney, McCain, Thompson, and Giuliani. They all have potential risks:

    Romney is fake but he gets conservative principles. McCain is very unpredictable and while he has conservative positions on some issues, he has liberal positions on several important others, because he does not have conservative *principles*. Thompson doesn’t seem to want the hard work, which would create a very incompetent Executive Branch. Giuliani is unreliable on social issues and especially on the judiciary.

    I guess if I had to rank them right now, I’d go with Guiliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain in that order.

  6. My preferences match Mike Devx’s. But I would be inclined to vote for any R to avoid putting Juan and Evita back in the White House.

  7. Mitt’s an okay guy and in other circumstances I could see myself supporting him. Unfortunately candidate Mitt will yield President Obama or President Clinton.

  8. 2008voter: I’m more sure of G’s appointees than McCain, who loves sticking the Republican party (or was it just GW Bush?) in the eye. I distrust McCain so much that it will take supreme self-sacrifice to vote for him if he is the candidate.

  9. Another thing about McCain that rings hollow to me: He seems to choke on the statement, vis-a-vis his supposed flip on illegal immigration, that he heard ‘people’, as though it was just a few people here and there instead of ‘I heard The People’ as in millions of voices from all over the nation who didn’t want his shamnesty. I think he would back-pedal on this without a twinge. And I don’t buy his soft, fakey voice either on the ‘debates.’ I know, I know, why can’t I say what I REALLY think?!

  10. Marguerite…

    On Rush today, a lady called in and said she was a Republican, and she’d rather have Clinton than McCain. He asked her to explain, and she said that she knew that Clinton would ruin the country, but so would McCain, and she’d rather have it done by a Dem than a Republican. She thought they were about equal, and McCain would take down the Republican party with him.

    Made me think….by the time the election comes around, I might agree with her. We’ll see…

  11. Mormon = freemason

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