Voices from the past *UPDATED*

I mentioned Richard Disney the other day in connection with the short animated film he dug up from the late 1940s/early 1950s that contrasted American freedom with state-ist politics. Turns out that’s not Disney’s only find. You really need to go over to his blog and check out the other voices from the past that he’s resurrected, and then go back and visit regularly, because I think he’s promising to find more.

As you all know, I’m an old movie aficionado. Frankly, you can take away all my other channels if you just leave me TCM. I so much enjoy peering through a window back into time — what they wore, what they said — and I also simply like the values that infuse the movies. What’s fascinating about the clips that Disney is assembling is that those same values infused video materials that came from sources other than Hollywood. The Industry was pushing the same line: America’s not perfect, but it’s still better than the rest, a message I continue to believe is true. Here’s a 1948 video I found, from “Searcy College in Arkansas,” that makes that same point about the benefits of the capitalist system. Not a bad primer on basic market economy, either:

UPDATE:  I didn’t realize it, but Mark Steyn’s column today is on virtually the same subject as this sweet old video:  capitalism, not government, as the best vehicle for change.


6 Responses

  1. Outstanding video! I’m with you, I really love the old content which unabashedly shows the greatness of America and its system.

    Thanks for finding this.

  2. I liked how Reagan actually named the bills Congress was fiddling with in addition to individual Congressmen. This puts amazing pressure, via the media mechanism, on those that the President has no Constitutional power over except the veto and the enforcement of such laws (Andrew Jackson).

    It is far more effective as a mechanism for motivation and organization than grassroots guerrillas trying to fight against Congress from a position of weakness.

    It is something I have never heard Bush use. He never puts the blame on the individuals responsible, whereas people like Governor Blanco was given free license by the media to blame anyone and anything except herself.

    Bush would have been a great Secretary of State.

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  5. Fabulous Video! There will never be another great president like Ron Reagan in our lifetimes! He made America great again, and we so desperately need someone who can be half the man he was to lead our great nation!

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