The damage of repeat offenders

I have no words for how distressing I find this story.  It fits in perfectly with Dennis Prager’s oft-repeated points that being “nice” to criminals inevitably means not being nice to their future victims.


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  1. You can paralyze someone with your barehands. High end cervical injury is an easy injury to produce, although spinal and back breaks can be done with certain positions and methods.

    The problem with being behind a counter is that you can’t get across it easily to get inside the firing vector of the firearm. Talk about boxing in your victims there. One surveillaince footage the media showed about another incident was this robber with bag in one hand and handgun in the other, pointing it at the cashier guy, while a customer in line behind the robber sort of lightly held up his hands and backed away with this stunned and afeared expression on his face. The robber didn’t even move his head or eyes.

    What an amazing target people present when they have a gun in hand and believe that this will make you afraid enough to do what they want. Enough so that they will allow a customer to simply retreat backwards beyond the peripheral vision of the robber. There are multiple targets available if you can get behind anyone focused on pointing a gun at a target in his front.

    To get to the topic of policy, public security is assured by the public crippling and killing anyone that thinks transforming into a beast is good for their prospects in life. Beasts must be put done, for the good of us all. Once you violate the social contract that all citizens and people must live under in a civilization, regardless of what the law says or lawyers want, you are fair game for the rest of us.

    The lawyers will often to seek to prosecute, for career advancement purposes, self-defense cases when a weapon is used by the defendant against an unarmed or knife armed assailant. A jury is far more likely to convinct, as in the case of Tony Martin, if you are wielding a shotgun and the people you shoot are not armed with a weapon. Irrational, yes, but that’s how human beings are.

    It is far harder to acquire a successfull prosecution case against a defendant using his bare hands to kill an assailant armed with any kind of firearms. To such an extent that prosecutors, even in big liberal cities like NO and Detroit and Chicago, will simply not bother. Chances of success are too low to justify action. Obviously the chances of success for robbers are so high that they will repeat such actions to the detriment of all.

    Make it otherwise. Or you can count on the police and the bureacracy of the mayor, well intentioned or not, to come in after the fact. Assuming you survived an assault or attempted murder.

    This story is only distressing to the extent that people do not understand that they have a duty to protect themselves and the innocent around them. This is how humanity survived when infant mortaliy was so high. But I suppose such survival skills have not crossed the threshold of decadence and technology well. That said, people should not look for help from police or others as a first resort. They need to understand that they will be called upon to act in the final equation to save their lives. Of course there are certain organizations that will actively ensure that those with the initiative to act. instead of sitting down to be slaughtered ala Columbine and Virginia Tech, will be fired or prosecuted. I call those activists friendly enemies of humanity.

  2. The best weapons criminals have is those that would have prosecuted the passengers of Flight 93 for public endangerment if they had lived. The best allies CAIR have are lawyers here in the US, the ACLU, rather than their camel humping buddies in Arabia.

  3. How about this idea. We don’t put the (insert your own adjective here) individual causing the boy’s paralysis in jail. If the poor boy is in fact paralyzed, then a percentage of the perpetrator’s income, from all sources,(ie welfare, medicare, all employment) is removed from said perpetrator and given to the boy. Forever.

  4. The only problem with that idea, Al, is that the perpetrator’s idea of “work” seems to be armed robbery.

  5. Which is why society needs forced labor of criminals. Far better than prison for mental and physical health.

    We have Mexicans dying across the border to get menial cleaning jobs here. Save some dying Mexicans and get some of that work done by cons. Forced Labor on 1,500 calories was always a nice way to ensure the prisoners are too tired to go wild on folks. Would decrease prison riots by a lot. Can’t exactly riot when you are exhausted each night.

    The only problem with that idea, Al, is that the perpetrator’s idea of “work” seems to be armed robbery.

    He can work by giving blood and saving the state money that would otherwise go to feeding him and giving him luxuries.

    If you have two problems, sometimes they solve themselves. The state needs to save some money or get some income from the pirsoner, and the prisoner needs activities to keep him busy and away from targets of opportunity.


    TFT’s Seminar series is footage from their live training events, with the live training costing about 1.7k in tuition for 1-3 days. Now we know why CIA agents prefer TFT over Langley’s program.

    Anyways, the link goes to their official advertisement page. Be sure to scroll down to about near the end, in which you will see 6 links to some footage from the DVDs that you might be interested in.

    If words can’t convince you that your life is yours to lose or protect, then try out the free videos.

    If members of society did their duty, we wouldn’t have repeat offenders constantly getting out of jail and going back into jail. Why lose a productive member of society for a parasite anyways? Does that equation make any sense in the long term?

    Maybe to the Left it does.

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