The finest minds and their games

Although I’d willingly vote for him if he were the Republican candidate, I’ve never liked McCain as a politician.  To me, his “iconoclasm” (which is how the Press has always labeled it), hasn’t been the sign of an independent mind but a lack of fixity of purpose.  Having said that, though, I’ve always strongly admired McCain the man.  What he went through in Vietnam doesn’t bear thinking about, and the fact that he returned and went on to a normal and highly successful life is a testament to his strength and resilience.

There’s one statement in the above paragraph that isn’t true.  I said that what he went through in Vietnam “doesn’t bear thinking about.”  In fact, it’s something we should think about, because it helps us understand that nature of freedom’s enemies, then and now; it helps us appreciate the strength of our American military, then and now; and it shines a light on McCain’s character.  So, if you would in fact like to think about these things, I urge you to check out this article in Leatherneck, the Magazine of the Marines, describing life for American POWs (including McCain) in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton.”  And as you’re reading it, do keep in mind how the Vietnam-era anti-War activists gave hope to the Vietnamese Communists and enabled them to maintain their continued attacks on their prisoners.

Hat tip:  Paragraph Farmer


5 Responses

  1. Would those anti-war activists be the same ones waxing so righteously about Abu-Ghraib and Guantanamo today?

  2. And, as you’re reading it, you might want to wonder why we have “normalized” relationships, or are even talking to these bastards.

  3. Too many hot buttons at once. But, as a former Arizona resident now living on the East Coast, I agree with the ‘fixity of purose’ comment. I found that most Arizona residents felt uneasy with McCain, although as you stated I would vote for him if nominated.

  4. Read the Leatherneck piece.
    The Left refuses to acknowledge that the US and the West have enemies, and that they would greatly dislike having to live under the rule of these enemies. Instead, they use cultural relativism and/or multiculturalism- call it what you will- to try to find some “common ground”, some “compromise. Unfortunately, the enemies are not interested in compromise, but in winning.
    As such, the left does not want to wish to acknowledge the reality of what US POW’s endured at the “Hanoi Hilton.” It would upset their world-view. So they brush off John McCain.

    Thus we have Nancy Pelosi and JFKerry traipsing off to Damascus, as if Baby Assad, by virtue of his not being in agreement with Bush on the GWOT, were simply a fellow Democrat in an outlying county.

  5. “Would those anti-war activists be the same ones waxing so righteously about Abu-Ghraib and Guantanamo today?”

    Not in my case. Some of us wised up. Given the chance I will vote for McCain. I often don’t agree with him but he’s earned it and I owe him.

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