Is McCain positioning Lieberman as his running mate? *UPDATED*

John McCain and Joe Lieberman have co-authored a short op-ed piece in the WSJ that states, quite simply, that the Surge worked:

After years of mismanagement of the war, many people had grave doubts about whether success in Iraq was possible. In Congress, opposition to the surge from antiwar members was swift and severe. They insisted that Iraq was already “lost,” and that there was nothing left to do but accept our defeat and retreat.

In fact, they could not have been more wrong. And had we heeded their calls for retreat, Iraq today would be a country in chaos: a failed state in the heart of the Middle East, overrun by al Qaeda and Iran.

Instead, conditions in that country have been utterly transformed from those of a year ago, as a consequence of the surge. Whereas, a year ago, al Qaeda in Iraq was entrenched in Anbar province and Baghdad, now the forces of Islamist extremism are facing their single greatest and most humiliating defeat since the loss of Afghanistan in 2001. Thanks to the surge, the Sunni Arabs who once constituted the insurgency’s core of support in Iraq have been empowered to rise up against the suicide bombers and fanatics in their midst — prompting Osama bin Laden to call them “traitors.”

As al Qaeda has been beaten back, violence across the country has dropped dramatically. The number of car bombings, sectarian murders and suicide attacks has been slashed. American casualties have also fallen sharply, decreasing in each of the past four months.

I agree.

The same piece then goes on to applaud Gen’l Petraeus’ stunningly good leadership (Petraeus for President in 2012?) and to ask the logical question: Where do we go from here? Frankly, it’s not a very interesting op-ed piece, since it simply states a whole lot of obvious stuff.

What is interesting is the fact that McCain and Lieberman authored it together, showing that they are pulling in the same harness when it comes to the War. It left me wondering whether this article is a flag that McCain is running up the pole to see if Lieberman would be acceptable as his running mate?

For me, McCain and Lieberman are very much a matched set: They’re both men I admire very much on a personal level. That is, I think they’re good and intelligent human beings. I think both of them have been absolutely and completely right in their unwaveringly strong support for the effort put into the War and for their continued and vocal recognition of the threats we face from the Islamists arrayed against the West. Politically, I don’t have many other points of agreement with them. Lieberman is an old-fashioned liberal who believes in big government, although not in the shrill, aggressive way of the new Progressives. McCain also believes in big government and, more worrisomely, I understand that he believes that the government should get into the job of financing elections, which will see the inevitable destruction of free speech in America. I would prefer Romney to either of them. Heck, I’d even prefer Giuliani to either of them, since Giuliani has given his word to appoint strict constructionists to the Supreme Court, and McCain hasn’t (and Lieberman wouldn’t). However….

However, if it came down to a race between McCain and Lieberman, on the one hand, and any of the Democratic candidates, on the other hand, I would vote for McCain and Lieberman without a second thought. Their understanding of the international risks we face makes them so far superior to the Democratic candidates that any other political liabilities they carry with them will just have to be accepted. I mean, think about it: If the candidates are virtually identical in their domestic policies, with the only real difference — and a very real difference indeed — being whether they are hawks or doves, who are you going to vote for? If you’re going to get one issue right when running for the White House, at least let it be the right issue. Domestic idiocy can usually be straightened out over time, but if we lose the War against Islamists, everything else becomes irrelevant and irremediable.

UPDATENot going to happen says the Captain, citing some very reliable sources.


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  1. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the first pro-victory piece McCain and Lieberman have co-authored. A McCain-Lieberman ticket would certainly be better, especially on national defense, than anything th Dems could put together but I wouldn’t read too much into the co-authoring thing.

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  3. No question that McCain has some issues that irk conservatives. But if you look at his voting record in the Senate, he votes with conservatives much more often than not.

    I’d rather have somebody who, however irksome, is basically a friend sitting in the White House — than be looking at President Obama, or President Hillary next Jan. And I think McCain’s the only one who can win. Conservaties need to decide if they wanna be right and powerless, or actually elect somebody.

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  7. I am amazed at the number of my liberal acquaintances and friends who think the world of John McCain. A lot of young people respect him as well.

    I am a proud neo-con but I realize that I may have to settle for half a loaf instead of the full loaf this election. I personally like Romney’s positions but I don’t know if he has the charisma to unite the country behind a solid and powerful vision of where we need to go and what we need to do.

    I accept that in this election I may have to accept half-a-loaf in order to keep either the Oprahfied Obama or the Machiavelian Socialist Clintons from achieving power, which would be a disaster.

    Maybe a McCain-Lieberman ticket would be just what we need to clean up the poisonous political atmosphere in this country so that we can start talking about issues again.

  8. I have liberal friends who are also convinced McCain is the Republican who can win. Now, I was for candidate Giuliani before Giuliani was a declared candidate for President, and I’ve got reservations about McCain, both his temperament and his previous positions on issues, but if it came down to a McCain-Clinton contest I’d vote for McCain if I had to dodge small-arms fire on the way to the polling place. I think McCain-Feingold was a travesty but I also am convinced McCain is rock-solid on security and defense issues and is a hawk on spending too whether for ineffective social programs or ineffective defense procurements (anybody who professes to be a conservative should bear in mind the military is a huge government bureaucracy too and like any such entity its primary but unspoken mandates are protecting turf, the retirement system and budget allocations,often at the expense of efficiency).

  9. Afterthought: and Joe Lieberman is OK with me too. Mention Lieberman and the moonbats go mad and shriek in high-pitched tones like the pod people in the Invasion of the Body Snatchers remake, the one set in San Francisco, a movie I suspect was much more prophetic than anyone realized at the time.

  10. Still speaking in terms of the Primaries:
    . I think McCain is too old.
    . I think McCain is a democrat/liberal.
    . That he was Kerry’s first chice running mate is a problem for me.
    .That he is the go-to guy for Kennedy and Feingold is a problem for me.
    . That he believes we need illegals to do jobs that American won’t is a problem for me. There are more things about McCain that are a problem for me, but I think you know what they are.

    So, in my State’s 2/5 Primary I am still for Rudy. That is as far ahead as I am looking.

    Keep in mind that all the polling stats you are hearing is the media manufacturing the news.

  11. Yo, Ellie, Rudy remains my first choice and he is one for whom I cast a vote in the Florida primary Monday when early voting starts. That Kerry tried to tap McCain as VP says more about Kerry than about McCain IMHO. As for the media, well, they fall down at their job of informing the public. Drive by is the most apt description for them proving to me Rush Limbaugh is one of the more astute observers of contemporary politics. The media conveys no sense that the primaries are a DYNAMIC process, subject to very rapid change. The media hacks are like a pack of race track touts who can’t see further than one half of one half a furlong.

  12. Z darling, voting for your first love in the Primary is all I ask.

    After that, we takes ’em as they come.

    Re: the media, I think you are too kind. In my mind they are electioneering. They are pushing Huck because he would be easy to beat and McCain because he is no different than a Lib.

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