Why are home schoolers for Huck?

Rational self-interest is a great concept, but it’s amazing how often people deviate from it and behave completely irrationally. A case in point is the “Home schoolers for Huck” trend we’re seeing right now. Huck’s political policies and pronouncements are completely antithetical to home schooling. He wants the federal government to encroach more and more on public school and, during his time in Arkansas, oversaw laws restricting home schooling rights. The NEA loves him, which tells you way more than you want to know about the man’s politics. Home schoolers ought to be running as far away from his candidacy as they can, but they’re not. Instead, the Home School Legal Defense Program is supporting him. One can only assume that they are so thrilled that a Pastor will take the White House that they are blind to their own self-interest. And speaking of self-interest, I’m also willing to bet that many home schoolers would be opposed to a whole bunch of Huck’s other stands, which are detailed here. (Hat tip: W”B”S.)

I think a lot of Evangelical Christians have to sit down and ask themselves a serious question: Am I willing to put in the White House a man who espouses political policies that go against my self-interest as a Christian merely because he himself is a vocal Christian? As for me, I would be much more interested in measuring Huck by his acts than by his words. And his acts have all the impetus and effects of a liberal Democrat. (By the way, if you have any doubt that a devout Evangelical Christian can also be an ultra liberal Democrat, just put yourself in the way back machine to the years 1976-1980, when this Country was headed by a vocal Christian who was not only a liberal Democrat, but also one of the worst presidents ever.)

Christians are also being short-sighted if they think that Huck’s expanding the federal government will Christianize it. Next time the administration changes into Democratic hands, or next time the Democrats finally take effective control over Congress, these same Democratic political leaders will take the federal government that Huck so thoughtfully expanded for them and use that new power for very Progressive (read: Leftist) ends.


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  1. I’m a homeschooler who is not for Huckabee! And there are plenty more like me. Spunky, a popular homeschool blogger (linked in the American Thinker article you linked above) who came out of “retirement” to write about this weird homeschoolers for Huckabee has lots to say about that.

    Folks often lump all homeschoolers together, but we’re quite a diverse lot. Of my homeschooling friends, I don’t know even one who is a Huckabee fan, but we’re not all agreed on any one candidate, either.

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  5. I don’t know any Homeschoolers who support Huckabee either.

    And as far as the HSLDA goes, it has become such a politicized org. at this point it doesn’t really seem to be representative of homeschoolers at all anymore (nor does it always represent homeschoolers best interests).

  6. “Christians are also being short-sighted if they think that Huck’s expanding the federal government will Christianize it.”

    Book, I think what you’re seeing is that there is a larger segment of the Christian Right that desires big government. Big government is BETTER than small government, as long as it’s doing moral things with all the increased taxes.

    Bush is a religion-oriented Big-Government conservative, and so is Huckabee. Sigh. The Reagan coalition is fractured, indeed.

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