Yeah, what he said!

I was looking for a single paragraph or two to quote from Mark Steyn’s latest, but couldn’t bear to inflict any damage on his writing by dissecting it. You’ll simply have to read the whole wonderful thing yourself and see if, like me, you agree with every word that emanates from his pen (computer? brain?).

By the way, after reading Steyn’s column, you may want to read this American Thinker column, which nicely dissects some of the societal problems that see people (wrongly, I think), believing that Huck will be their social saviour.


One Response

  1. I would like to see another Nicolae Ceaucescue “balcony moment “for Hillbill on Tuesday and one for Johnny come lately(how old is he . . yes I know accuse me of ageism?) Mcain as well. Don’t you just hate his little goofy smile when he tries to snicker and roll his eyes at the other candidates ? Did you see him in the NH debate trying to work Mitt the Brad Pitt Rommney ? ZERO class but hey some people love that. The ole talk over and don’t listen to what the other person is saying trick with a little snarky laugh thrown make the other person feel that they have only goofy solutions. McCain is the real a goof. In fact he thinks and laughs like the Disney character Goofy . I think I like Hilarys cackle better .Hope I didn’t hurt ther feelngs ! Riiiiiiiiiiiiight . Not don’t get me going on Foghorn Leghorn Huckabee.

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