Have you heard of Tim Slagle?

I’d never heard of Tim Slagle before this afternoon. However, because it was raining and I was certain to get lost, I took my husband’s car which has a navigation system and a better steering and stopping mechanism than my car. It also has XM radio. That’s why, at 4:00 this afternoon, I was listening to a comedy station when this guy I’d never heard of — Tim Slagle — came on for a riff called “The Europeans.” It was shocking, absolutely shocking. The guy is conservative! And did I mention that he’s funny, too? Anyway, I tried to find that stand-up bit on YouTube, but couldn’t. I found his website, however, and he has some of his comedy bits there, so you can get a taste for what a funny, conservative stand-up sounds like.

UPDATE: Aha! Slagle posts his video clubs on MySpaceTV videos — which WordPress doesn’t support. However, if you go here you can see some the clips he’s posted.


4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. It’s not surprising that a conservative is funny; it’s endlessly amazing when liberals are. Humor is almost always based on some degree of cruelty or exaggeration, neither of which is allowed in politically correct society. There’s all the truth in the world in the old joke: “How many feminists does it take to put in a light bulb? That’s not funny.”

  3. Humor is based upon an individual figuring out something that has been implied and then agreeing that it is true or could be true. Thus it is very similar to how people perceive and react to propaganda, enemy or allied. The pleasure derived is similar to when a person puzzles out something for himself instead of having the solution handed to him.

    Those that actually believe Global Warming will be the death of Gaia or humanity, if such folks are truely invested in political action to save the planet from humanity, then jokes about how Global Warming is Darwinism will simply be unfunny.

    Practical jokes combine an abstract truth to a reality that has already occured. A slight modification, but it still functions on belief. A certain set of beliefs will make a practical joke funny whereas another set of beliefs will make it unfunny. Which is why oftentimes the ones observing the practical joke and the ones doing the practical joke find it much more funny than the person that the joke is being played upon. For that person has a different set of beliefs about the actions undertaken, given that it happened to him, not just some other guy. It is closely related to why adventures are fun to those observing it at home, not so much fun to those trying to actually escape death and mutilation.

    The logical response to such attempts to describe the underlying tricks behind jokes is seen as ruining the fun and humor. Since people want to experience humor, not understand it. Of course, analyzing human perceptions and understanding how to manipulate them is not for everyone, I recognize that.

    Self-deprecating humor is an interesting study on human character since it is an attempt to play upon people’s prejudices about yourself. When Bush makes fun of his accent and accentuates it by focusing in on it, he is making self-deprecating jokes based upon the audience’s perception or knowledge of the perception that bush is seen as a buffoon.

    This is why humor is often said to be a sign that you are still sane and that a sense of humor means that you haven’t lost all your empathy and compassion yet.

    Jon Stewart is hilarious and popular for the precise reason that most of his audience doesn’t know squat about what is going on. Thus Jon can play upon preconceptions and prejudices that run the gamut of the human spectrum.

    The joke about taxes by Slagle was magnificent precisely for the fact that people figured it out in advance. Yet the punch line was still effective because it continued to draft connections and conclusions in people’s heads. Laughing at misfortune, especially our own under the progressive tax system, is something insane and unbalanced people don’t get to see often in their Cartoon and Teddy Jihads.

    Conservatives are funny to conservatives because conservatives know more or less how other conservatives think and believe. It is a very finely tuned application of the propaganda arts. The ability to convince your audience that their thoughts, conclusions, and connections formed came from them, rather than from the stimuli of the comedian.

    And just as propaganda can be admired for its skillful art regardless of whether you agree with the message or not, so is the same thing true for stand up jokes. Even if you understand how it or most of it works, it is still funny, for no amount of understanding will make one immune to propaganda.

    The ironic thing is that objective attempts at analyzing human nature is deathly stale and un-entertaining. Whereas oftentimes unfair characterizations and caricatures produce hilarity, if only of a sardonic sort.

    It’s no fun trying to understand everybody’s perspective. Calling attention to the corruption of the US senate and Kennedy/Byrd’s ability to hang people out to dry (or out to water) is still pretty funny though. Grim humor so to speak, where tragedy crosses over into comedy.

  4. Actually, he’s libertarian, not conservative. I’m trying to recall a bit of his that would illustrate the difference, but I’m drawying a blank.

    I guess we’ll just have to listen to every bit of his we can lay our hands (well, ears) on, until we come upon something about drug prohibition, sex, rock and roll, free speech, etc.

    Bingo! Free speech, etc.

    Yeah, his flag burning bit. That’ll do the trick … if we can find it. -Eric

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