Information needed from those who know about Orlando area shows

We’re still planning our Florida trip.  We’ve figured out where we’ll be — and a lot of it will be in the Orlando area.  Orlando apparently boasts, not only theme parks, but also dinner theater.  So, for those of you who have been there, do you have any recommendations for dinner theater?  If you do have recommendations, please keep in mind that we’ll have our elementary school age son and daughter with us.  Likely choices so far are the Cirque show La Nouba, the Medieval Times show, and Disney’s Hoop-De-Doo dinner show, all of which have been recommended in one publication or another.  Any help you can give would be much appreciated.


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    The link is to an AP story in todays Chicago Tribune.
    The headline is “Florida’s Walt Disney World bans children from fanciest park restaurant.”
    I have not been to Orlando in 20 years so I am unable to help.
    We took our children and the best tip I can offer is to take lots of cash.

  2. Don’t miss La Nouba, an unforgettable experience. Medieval Times is an excellent show with lots of action that the audience really gets into….its a great who for kids your age. Haven’t seen Whoop De Doo in years but it was a pleasant thing to watch. Its always good to have plenty of extra dollars for unplanned expenses. Where are you staying? Most hotels have customer service desks that have discount tickets for almost everything…but don’t go just because they recommend a place. They get commissions on their sales and will sometimes push a not so good show over a better one. If you’re staying at Disney their people will always recommend something on their property…for them the rest of the world doesn’t exist. When you pick a show and call to make a reservation always ask what specials they might have (birthdays, etc). Every place gives AAA and AARP discounts…always ask what discounts they offer. Plan your itinerary carefully so you don’t have to zig zag all over town. There are plenty of maps at the hotels to help you. Good luck and have a great time in Orlando. Its a fun place to be.

  3. Excellent info, Fred. Thanks. We’re staying at a non-Disney hotel, which probably gives us a bit more flexibility.

    My husband showed the kids a YouTube clip of Medieval Times and they both thought it was thrilling, so we’ll probably go.

    I’m the sticking point on La Nouba. I’ve seen many, many Cirque shows over the years and can’t figure out if I’m getting jaded or they’re getting less good. The first was such a surprise, and so light and charming. Subsequent ones are, of course, less surprising, but to me they’re also less charming — dark and brooding. I often leave feeling more depressed by the imagery than uplifted. We’ll probably go, though, since we’re there.

  4. Hoop-de-doo Review was the Best! (and I typically hate that kinda stuff).

    Great food–buckets (real buckets) of chicken and corn-on the cob; cobbler….

    And the show was funny, interactive musical and very entertaining.

    We loved it.

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