Weather wet, posting light

We’ve had our third blackout in the last hour, so I’m blogging on an old laptop of dubious reliability.  I fully expect to lose my connection any minute.  The weather is about as wild as it can get

What I’ll say for now is that I’m not considering Iowa to be of any real purpose towards the election, especially in regards to Huck.  Low turnout and high, not fanaticism, but commitment to narrow political goals, is going to see Iowa have increasingly skewed results when it comes to caucuses.  I think McCain or Romney will take New Hampshire, which will look askance at Huck’s ignorance about international affairs, his religious bigotry (which is entirely separate from his being a man of faith), his nanny-statism, and the semi-corrupt Arkansas baggage that follows him around (and that the MSM, hoping for a weak Republican candidate, is downplaying).


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  1. All is not lost as Reagan lost Iowa in 80,Bush in 88 and Clinton 92 and of course we know what happened .So I guess there is hope for the Mcain and Romney fans. However an interesting stat is that Huckfinn received only approx. 11% of the total caucus voters while Obama,Edwards and Clinton received combined approx 65 % of total caucus votes. If stats are correct what does it mean ? Nothing ! I believe 35% of Dem registerd voters showed while 19% Republicans showed. The rally will begin in NH ! Some people are counting on it .

  2. I think the most important thing that came out of Iowa was a rejection of both of the “inevitables.” They wanted to make a point: you can’t buy us and you are not entitled to us, either.

    Things can only get more interesting. Stand by your man — at least through Feb 5.

  3. I agree with Ellie – stand by your choice!

    Iowa alone never signifies a national trend. I am surprised at the breadth of Huckabee support. Significant evangelical support does not mean that they were his only supporters. A poor showing by Huckabee in New Hampshire doesn’t mean the end for Huckabee either – the secular Northeast has little to do with vast Middle America.

    I do have to wonder whether I am missing a “new Republican isolationism and populism” that is gaining steam. I’m shocked at the complete lack of a Limbaugh effect, as well. Rush has been as harsh towards Huckabee as he has towards any Republican, at any time in years, and it appears to have had little to no effect in Iowa.

    By the end of the evening on February 5th, we’ll know a lot more.

  4. Let’s remember the primaries are just beginning. There are many miles to go until November 2008. This is proving to be one of the earliest starting, most hypertrophied and over analyzed political seasons I can recall. The entrails of the caucus participants are being read by the media priests but it may be a little premature to call the election.

  5. This primary system is retarded, Book. I just wanted that out in the open.

  6. Iowa means zilch. It doesn’t even mean much to Iowans – they had the highest turnout ever this year: 220,000 people – wow! They almost got 10% of the voters to come out, which is, when you think about it, kind of pathetic for such a heavily promoted production.

    I don’t know what kind of “momentum” or what kind of “change,” or what kind of much of anything that actually signals. (Which is why “comebacks” after Iowa are more the rule than the exception.)

    New Hampshire is almost equally irrelevant – but everybnody has a good time, I suppose. Or something. But Neither state is likelyto actually decide anything, in the longer run.

    It was uniquely perfect for Huckabee, he spent time there, and it’s a religious kind of a place, with a turnout so absurd that his people, if they were organized at all, could dominate. They could, they did. Such a confluence of events won’t recur.

  7. New Hampshire allows open voting in which Dems can vote for Repubs. Look for this to happen and the weakest candidate to win. This is just as meaningless as Iowa. The question remains whether my man Fred can secure enough funds to make it through the Feb. 5 super Tuesday primaries. I would be mighty disappointed to not be able to vote for Fred on the 5th.

  8. zhombre,

    you are definitely born again hard. it’s almost as if you’ve received a logic transfusion over the past few months.

    keep up the good work sir.


  9. rockdalian

    i think you’re going to be disappointed. thompson’s campaign barely has a pulse right now and he’ll likely get devastated in new hampshire.

    i’m curious though. exactly what is it about thompson that compels you? he seems woefully inept to me.


  10. Thompson speaks common sense in a common manner, hence his attraction. But that’s about all the traction he’ll get. He has too much common sense to really campaign.
    I agree that the MSM would love Huckabee as the nominee so they could disembowel him in the general election. I’ve noticed that the media seems to be hinting Rudi is short on funds. Possibly another attempt to warp the champaign.
    My only gripe with the election process is that it is interminable.
    The primaries should start at the Vernal Equinox and end at the Summer Solstice. Then the rest of us could get on with our lives.

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