Not yet ready for blogging time

I’d like to blog this morning, I really would, especially because I’ve got the house to myself for an hour and a half.  Two things are stopping me, though.  First, I have to use this window of time for paying work for a very nice client.  And, second, I don’t have anything to say.  I’ve read all the usual papers that I read every morning, and seen all the usual stuff (Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa, honor killings, Iowa, Iowa, Iowa), and just don’t know what I can add.  I’m sure that stuff will percolate through my brain over the next few hours, though, so please don’t give up on me.  Just check in later.

Also, if anything out there in the news interests you, please feel free to leave a comment here.


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  1. After listening to the punditocracy over the past couple of weeks I’m prepared to hear tonight from the chattering class that if Romney comes out a winner in Iowa it will be due to his ‘organization’, certainly not his ideas, abilities, or personal qualities.

  2. I’ve also been amused by populist Huckabee’s attacks on Romney for spending his own money. It’s earned money, not inherited, so it certainly shouldn’t have the taint that used to go with the landed gentry buying elections. Even more, it means that Romney doesn’t owe people favors. He hasn’t been bought. I kind of like that.


    The lancet is another interesting proof that you don’t win by trying to follow the enemy’s directions. You win by acting, not reacting. If you focus on reacting, then al the initiative goes with the attackers, Lancet, and their backers.

    The media are their own organization and they have their own plan of attack. Curiosity is not a virtue in such operations.

    It is not really big and devastating because those invested in the right philosophical foundations already expected this. Just as they expect that doing something after the enemy has struck their blow, is worse than useless. Can you heal the injury when it takes 1/4th the time and energy to cause new ones?

  4. It’s actually better for government anti-corruption policies for CEOs and other rich folks from the private sector to gain power. At least you won’t be worried that they have a private invested interest in looting the public fisc. Since they could make more money in the private sector, if money is their gain. And the corrupted businessmen would already have tried to loot their company anyway.

    Huckabley believes that it is more moral for him to use your money, Book, so obviously he doesn’t think good things about Mitt’s practices. Huck used the public fisc for personal needs in his state, and that is how things should be for corrupt politicians, Book. Those interested in power not because they already have wealth and a fair share of power, but those interested in power through the government because they lacked wealth and power on their own merits and back.

  5. are woefully inadequate to the task of maintaining the new rich lifestyle. Nor are they all that good at handling wealth, for that becomes a gross temptation for the ambitious poor. Money for the rich is no big deal. They don’t see it as something that they need to commit crimes to get. They are complacent, in a way, but compare that to the greedy grasping hands of folks that have always seen money and power as something they had to have, regardless of the cost. Someone like Bill Clinton with an alcoholic father that never had any power or control over that fact when he was growing up, except to be sensitive and react appropriately. Which is a foundation for why he is so charismatic and liked. Being liked and defusing strong emotions away from you, was a survival technique learned through great cost.

    John Kerry married into money. In fact, his wife married into money as well.

    The Left tends to have a skewed perception of human nature, Book, that is why they tend to call Bush and CHeney the greedy ones when it makes no sense really. The President only makes large money at the end, when he isn’t open to corruption charges and when the people he has pardoned can pay him back in the form of all that post-Presidential legacy stuff. The million dollar fees for speches don’t hurt either. The Left’s perception of human nature also leads them to into electing the really ambitious, unethical, and greedy politicians too. Precisely because they don’t know what motivates humans. The leaders of the Left, like Clinton, knows exactly what motivates humans. That is why he is the leader and the Left the followers.

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